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Thursday, September 03, 2009
I will admit to listening to Madonna as a youngster, but then growing increasingly disgusted with her as her behavior turned obscene, and finally sealing those sentiments when she became a "Kabbalist".

I certainly had no plans to hear her concert.

But I apparently missed the major event.

At the end of the concert Madonna raised the Israeli flag.

This seemingly innocent act in a concert in Israel has brought upon her condemnation from the Arabs, the Leftists of the world, and of course some Leftists from Israel who have called for a boycott.

So where does that leave me?


Anonymous said...


People in the public eye do "stunts" to get themselves top headline billings. Or what Richard Nixon said was "seeing his name above the fold."

Nixon, an ace at "dirty tricks," also put "operational data" into play for all of us to see. And, some of us remember.

One of his political inspirations was to "Send it up the flagpole, boys, and see if anyone salutes it."

And beyond what Americans said at the time, "Would you buy a used car from that man?" Richard Nixon said, he "didn't care what you said aboaut [him], as long as you spelled his name correctly.

Madonna? She's over the hill. And, she's exercising so hard, you don't see flabby arms waving in the breeze. Nor does anything "droop enough" that you'd notice she's an old lady.

The arabs are angry at her? They buy her records in droves, just the same. Because they've got only their iPods and videos for porn. Islam doesn't offer men the real thing.

Madonna won't be losing any business. Though I can't imagine how anyone buys her stuff. Or still even cares. Yet, in Hollywood? To be extreme IS to belong!

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