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Saturday, September 26, 2009
This is brilliant!

A bunch of pro-Israel Canadians, fed up with the boycotts of Israeli products have decided to fight back.

Whenever the anti-Semites call for a boycott of a specific store, they send out mass emails and SMSes calling all Israel supporters to come down and... buy out the store of all their Israeli products.

In fact they even call the store owners to stock up because they are coming down.

The store owners love it, and buy Israeli stock in advance of the boycotts.

In one wine store Buycotters bought 500 cases of Israeli wine in half an hour.

The evil boycotters left in disgust and failure.

Go Buycott!


Mr. Gerson said...

The problem is, we can't keep this up forever. I *still* have some falafel that I mass bought on a trip to Trader Joes several months ago.

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