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Sunday, September 06, 2009
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recommended that non-Muslims take the opportunity of the month of Ramadan to blow up restaurants, buses, and train stations, along with their Muslim neighbors, in order to promote "understanding between cultures."

Johnson told members of a London mosque that with Muslims so much a part of London life, it would be befitting for non-Muslims to get to know their fellow Londoners' customs and religion better.

'Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of terror," he added.

Muslims are challenging civilization and showing who they are, and who they want us to be, a dhimmi part of their community," Johnson said. 'That's why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning of Jihad, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbor and attack policemen with them near the local mosque." he said.

There are currently 1.6 million Muslims in Britain, Muslim community officials said to alarmed reporters.


Anonymous said...


So? It sounds like a joke to me. And, it's possible, since London survived the Blitz; the muslims are more terrified, now, of their neighbors' collective anger, then they would be by any "gains" exploding themselves up. You think I'm kidding?

Today's politicians are learning a thing or two, too, of reaching beyond the elite media structure; by signaling people. Just like Bibi did. He is sending a signal almost like a picture ... or actually a "picture frame." So that Obama doesn't get confused about 'green lines.' And, how far he can go when he gets to talk at the UN. (Personally? Obama can get more demoralized than your average muslim.) When things seem to slide downhill, some of them are aware that 'speed' in the general direction of down ... is not good.

Time will tell. To make it through a fast day in Ramadan, you need to sleep all day and wake up for dinner. Which becomes breakfast. You think I'm kidding?

Anonymous said...


Is the BBC reporting this accurately?

Via the BBC's media monitoring service, a Palestinian MP has told that Arab leaders are studying details of a written Obama plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the MP, the plan, which has been shared with Arab leaders, would have Obama attend a special peace conference in Sharm el-Shekh Egypt at the end of the month.

The alleged U.S. plan, as described by Palestinian MP Hasan Khurayshah to Al-Jazeera, "includes 10 key clauses." Among them:

1. Deploying international forces in the Jordan Valley and some areas of the West Bank.

2. Placing some areas in east Jerusalem under the authority of Israel and keeping the Islamic sites in Jerusalem under Arab control.

3. Disbanding all Palestinian factions and transforming them into political movements.

4. Keeping the large settlements that are built in the West Bank under the authority of Israel, while negotiations, which will last three months, will begin after agreeing on this plan to discuss the status of the small settlements.

5. Disarming several areas in the West Bank, while Israel will retain air control.

6. Enhancing security coordination and cooperation between the Israelis and Palestinians.

7. The PNA will not be allowed to forge any military alliances with any countries in the region.

8. The United States commits to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the summer of 2011.

9. Allowing a number of refugees to return to several areas in the West Bank, specifically in the cities of Ramallah and Nablus, along with ensuring the provision of the necessary financial support for the return of those refugees.

10. Israel will start releasing the Palestinian prisoners immediately upon signing the plan, provided it releases all prisoners within three years.

Full translation of the report from the BBC monitoring service here. We've pinged officials to try to get a sense of its validity.

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