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Friday, September 04, 2009
Dozens of Arab arsonists burned down Nofei Yarden outpost near Shevut Rachel this morning. 2 Jewish women on the site managed to escape.

Settlers and Arabs fighting at the moment.


Anonymous said...


Nobody's carrying this news, in America. The only news at all about Israel, deals with the White House angrily saying "they don't want any settlement activity." While Bibi just threw this curve ball.

Why now?

Well, something is 'heating up.' Could it be the Hezbullies are getting ready to lob some chemicals? Or biological missiles at Israel?

It's hard for an American to "read" arab intentions. Most of the time, they bluff. But why now? Obama is supposed to be coming to the UN, and he's gonna toss "green lines" into the mix.

While "loudmouths" in England and Germany are in deep political turmoil. Merkel? She's got cards to toss? Brown?

Obama doesn't seem to care. He feels the media is his bathtub. But with the Internet; and the fact that Sarah Palin "changed the game on his health care" with just two words: "Death panels." Isn't it possible Netanyahu is just warming up?

Meanwhile, since there was no news at all, here, can you follow up your current post with additional information?

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