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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Nope, no new post for Pesach, just politics here at JoeSettler, and what a busy political weekend it was.

Over the Chag, the Gazan PA (aka Hamas) attacked an IDF position using... armored military vehicles (as car bombs) originally supplied to them by... Israel. Actually they did a lot of attacks over the weekend, and they are still going on.

Meanwhile Israel still plans to supply more armored vehicles to the PA in Judea and Samaria.

But that isn't all, the government is now allowing armed Palestinian "policemen" in area B.

Meanwhile, the IDF commander of the Nachal OZ area (where the two fuel workers were killed) was fired for not fighting/reacting properly to the attack. Cynically, I might assume he was either involved in the Hitnatkut and no longer knows how to fight properly (or identify the enemy), or alternatively, he didn't want his men pointlessly killed after he heard that Olmert is planning to rearm the enemy again anyway.

Every time I hear "Palestinian Policemen", I think about police forces around the world, and wonder, where are their normal street policemen walking around with heavy machine guns in the middle of the towns?

I can't think of any normal country (if you know of any, please tell me).

If the "policemen" are there for handling civil matters, then give them the proper tools (and that doesn't include automatic weapons - for sure).

But why does anyone in the Israeli government still expect the same "policemen" that have been caught moonlighting as terrorists to fight their terrorist compadres and family relatives is still beyond me.


Anonymous said...

"...'policemen' that have been caught moonlighting as terrorists..."

Or maybe that should read: "...terrorists that have been moonlighting as 'policemen'..."

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