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Saturday, April 12, 2008
I don't know about you, but I've been to the Qumran caves and settlement in Israel. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it. Different historians claim the area was settled and lived in by different groups of Jews. The most commonly known historical claim is that the Jews that lived there were Essenes.

Picture from WIKI

Of course, everyone who has been to the Israel Museum has seen the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered.

Of course, all that is irrelevant to the British.

You see, the Ministry of Tourism made an ad for Israel and showed the Qumran caves. The UK organization that is concerned with "truth" in advertising protested and said that the Qumran caves aren't in Israel (damn, then where the hell are they, and what land were those Essenes living in anyway?).

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism's immediate response?

They took down the offending picture, of course.

Someone had better inform the Israeli National Parks Authority that they had better delist the Qumran site as an Israeli National Park (and their information page on the Qumran site should be seriously improved).


Jack Steiner said...

Excellent hasbara. Got to love that response.

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