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Sunday, April 13, 2008
In a twist of events, left-wing Kibbutz Negba received a letter from a Palestinian refugee stating that their Kibbutz was built on the destroyed remains of his ethnically cleansed town, and he expects them to vacate the land immediately, and they can get compensation from the EU when they leave.

Kibbutz HaNegba is the home of MK Avshalom Vilan (Meretz) who prominently pushes for Jews of Judea and Samaria to leave their homes.

Members of the Kibbutz were nervous and confused by the letter.

Vilan’s (incredible) response to the letter was that "only a small part of the kibbutz" was built on the former village of Beit Afa and Kibbutz Negba was vital to Israel’s security during the War of Independence.

A rather pathetic response if you ask me.

The letter was actually written by On National Union Secretary-General Nachi Eyal, a Jewish resident of the Binyamin-region community of Psagot.

Eyal explained to the Kibbutz members that their neighbor, MK Vilan, seeks to evict the Jews of Judea and Samaria. "It is unpleasant to know that there is someone who wants to expel you from your home," Eyal wrote. "But this is exactly what MK Avshalom Vilan seeks to do, dispatching letters to my neighbors and telling us we will be expelled anyway so we may as well take the money and leave now."

We here think Eyal should have a follow-up letter to Vilan explaining that Israel must leave no stone unturned in its seach for peace, and that all Israelis (including his Kibbutz) must be willing to make painful concessions and set the example, because peace is more important than land.

For the complete story see here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should change the name of the settlement to Kibbutz Naqba.

I can't wait until someone digs up "evidence" that Kfar Shemaryahu was also an Arab town and that Ehud Barak and all his friends have to move out.

Anonymous said...

When events of the day seem a bit topsy turvey, I would suggest, for those interested, to read "The Ishmael Exile" by Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman. It will help to explain the unexplainable.

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