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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
There is an article/video on A7 discussing the link between the brainwashing the soldiers underwent before the Hitnatkut and the failure to win in Lebanon. I too believe they are connected, but the article/video didn’t present their case very well.

From talking with soldiers back then, the further away they were from the inner-circle, the less brainwashing (sensitivity training) they underwent, and the more guilty they felt, and the more they wanted to do something to alleviate the guilt they felt.

That is in part how we snuck in the first time (until we finally got caught by some police officers whose apparent lack of guilty feelings we couldn’t work on).

Soldiers in the outer circles purposely looked away, or even actively helped us sneak through the barriers.

After the disengagement, while still in Gaza we met soldiers who broke down completely once they realized what they did.

One told us he didn’t understand before he went in as to the immensity of his actions and what the Gaza communities even looked like beforehand, and while he was there he couldn’t think, and only now that he had downtime, did he realize what he did and was involved in.

But clearly when the army is training and fulfilling political missions (or dare I say it, anti-Jewish missions), that means it does not train for its real mission of the defending the State and People of Israel against the real enemy.

Furthermore, it confuses the soldier as to who his enemy actually is and who it defintely isn't.


Anonymous said...

This is a strong indication of the breakdown in the IDF leading not only to a failure in Lebanon but is subsequent wars to come.

The smell of mutiny is in the air as well. But IMO, it would be a mutiny against the leftist "directions" toward the IDF.

Howard Huges

Anonymous said...

I have the educational materials the army used to brainwash the soldiers and change, yes officially change, the army from one that fights an enemy to one that is responsible for non-military initiatives. I plan to make a movie about this topic. All I need is the funding. If you want more information to learn how to make this happen, you know how to contact me. And there is a direct link between the brainwashing and the Lebanon War fiasco. I know. Anyone with an independent mind was able to foresee the fiasco and scream about it to try to stop it from continuing, but hardly anybody listened...until it was too late. And still today many people don't connect the dots.

JoeSettler said...

That sound just like "Mav" I guess I know how to reach you.

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