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Monday, March 31, 2008
Here’s a new one.

Apparently, Olmert is feeling the pressure from Barak who is making easy-to-make announcements to show how much of a security hawk he is (not to mention that elections are around the corner).

So suddenly, Olmert is now telling Rice that building will continue in Jerusalem and the major settlement blocks, as under any agreement he forges, they will remain under Israeli sovereignty anyway.

Meanwhile, while there is some “new” construction going on, nothing seriously seems to have changed on the ground as many people and companies still await building permits they should have gotten years ago.

Of course, as he makes that statement, police are currently trying to destroy a foundation for caravans in a Settlement. I guess that makes him look busy.


Anonymous said...

This could be the psychological unraveling of Olmert. Outwardly he smiles and gives in to Butanese Rice but inside his conflict surfaces as "we're going to keep building homes for the Israelis in all OUR areas..."!
A scizophrenia of sorts!

Anonymous said...

What happened to my link?
Scoop of the century:

Anonymous said...

And today wouldn't happen to be April First would it?


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