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Sunday, March 02, 2008
What is this war going to be called (once the government gets around to calling it a war, that is)?

Lebanon War III?
The Gaza War?

I’m putting my money on the Jerusalem War, because I firmly believe that this is what it will escalate into.

There have been attacks going on in the Gush Etzion region. Last night there was an attack on Gilo. Today an attack on soldiers near French Hill.

The action is going to start in Gaza, escalate up North with Hezbollah, but finally explode in Jerusalem.


Naftali said...

"The peace process"

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, Joesettler. There are no military resources in the vicinity of Jerusalem that couldn't or wouldn't be trivially eliminated by Israel, relative to those in Gaza and Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Another question: Why is Chavez threatening war with Columbia? Is he trying to draw the US into a war?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: Compared to Gaza and Lebanon, the long-range resources in Ramallah and Bethlehem (and the like) are more limited. On the other hand, they have stockpiled enough suicide bombers, mortars, guns, and Palestinian "policemen" to cause significant "disruption".

Daniel said...

20 or so years ago, Left wing peaceniks would tell me that if Israel pulled back, they could go back into the pally states to fight back terro. The pallies would have something to lose and would stop terror attacks and the nations would support Israel defending itself against acts of aggression by a sovereign nation.
You'd think the leftist would finnaly do a mea culpa.

jack said...

as long as this criminally insane
traitorous gangster 'ehud olmert'
yemach shemo,is prime minister,israel will not be victorious in any war,as this traitor who is working for our enemies,will make sure of that.
before going to war,the IDF should
depose,this piece of human garbage


mazeartist said...

"In & Out War" The IDF would go into Gaza, overthrow Hamas... and once Fatah is restored to power, the IDF would leave.

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