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Thursday, March 13, 2008
There’s no doubt that experience counts for a lot.

Before you actually have to deal with a dangerous or frightening situation (and never having dealt with it before) you can never be sure how you are going to react. I remember the first time I had to lead a team into a terrorist’s hideout. Until I did it, I didn’t know if I would be able to.

Two, possibly three police officers were on the scene at Mercaz Harav at the start of the attack, and they didn’t go in to storm the building and kill the terrorist.

Did they fail?

Most likely they didn’t have training for dealing with these kinds of situations. But worse, it simply wasn’t engrained into them that protecting the public is what they signed up for.

The system failed to train them properly.

When police (and the army) are forced to take part in, and train for political assignments, as opposed to their core duties there is no reason to assume they won’t fail when it actually comes to fulfilling the job they are supposed to be doing. Defending the average citizen.

Olmert’s latest hudna with Hamas failed, just like his (first and) second war against terrorism.

The first time he was untried and inexperienced and couldn’t know how he would react, but by this time he should have learned from experience, but he obviously hasn’t. Most likely because, just like the police, he doesn’t understand and isn’t prepared to deal the with the core mission he was assigned.

So instead he goes and directs traffic while avoiding his responsibility.

I was in Ashkelon Tuesday night. When I got to the wedding hall, I asked the guards where their security room was in case a Katyusha fell. They said there wasn’t one, nor was a Katyusha going to fall.

Needless to say, a Katyusha fell on Ashkelon (no where near us though).

On the other hand, senior terrorists were finally eliminated as they hung out in a Bethlehem restaurant the other day.

At least some people know their jobs and are capable of pulling it off.

I guess it comes down to some people are simply unable to learn and change, no matter how many times they repeatedly face the same situation.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the leftist have a DNA defect whereby they are unable to "learn" even if it (the thing to be learned) smacked them up side of their head.

Even a dog can be trained but a leftist can not. The leftist are the genetic mutation of a gloried vegetable and that vegetable is poisonous.

The only advantage that the leftist have offered IMO is that of a clearer understanding of what is RIGHT (truth).

Anonymous said...

You've mentioned this before.

I disagree. The issue is priorities and religion.

For them creating policies and programs that hurt the religious and the Right (and particularly settlers where you can hit two birds with one stone)and promote their religious agenda of "Peace" takes priority.

If there are side effects that aren't good, that hurt everybody, that's the price everyone has to pay for their belief system.

Batya said...

There's base intelligence which helps people do more than they're trained to do.
Compare Yitzchak Dadon to those policemen.

JoeSettler said...

It's very scary to run into a situation where shooting is going on. In fact, it's probably unnatural, which is why time is spent in training to get you into the mindset of running to and not from an event.

These guys were traffic cops who probably had desk jobs in the army. I doubt they had any training or experience that prepared them to handle this mentally.

JoeSettler said...


You raise an interesting point. Who is Rabbi Yitzchak Dadon?

Why did he disappear from all mention of the events of the evening.

After all, he did apparently shoot the terrorist even before Capt. David Shapira.

Well R. Dadon disappeared from the public's eye after the media decided to censor him for stating on the air that the weapons and bullets this terrorist used were given to him by Peres and Olmert.

Statements like these by a loose cannon must never be exposed to the public's ears, so instead the media has literally wiped him out of the history of the event.

Welcome to 1984.

Anonymous said...

"For them creating policies and programs that hurt the religious and the Right..."

I think that we are both on the same page; however, I can not agree with this statement in full. Shas (the religious and the Right) by voting for Oslo and supporting this leftist government, has done more harm than good to both "settlers" and to the country at large.

"...that's the price everyone has to pay for their belief system."

What is their belief system? Does not Shas believe in "settlements"? I find it representing more of a self hate than any kind of a system and I say this for Shas as well. For them to place their religious values below their greed for money represents a hate of another dimension.

The non religious leftist seek power/money and the leftist supporting countries, USA, UK, EU, etc are all to willing to fund such endeavors. The religious, Shas, wants to tap into those funds and look at where it is getting them.

Personally, I think it is a testing time of tshuva/humility/faith/trush in Hashem and no Yeshiva guard, army nor government is going to change that. As Hannah prayed, "...for it is not with strength that man overpowers" rather it is Hashem Who fights his battles for him. It goes without saying that we have to do what we can do to correct the matter but without tshuva/humility/faith/trush in Hashem, we are going to get nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

Shas has a very, very sectarian view of their role in government (and society), to an extreme. They see the government as their feedbag for filling in the coffers of their schools and Torah institutions (and presumably creating new voters). No more than that.

If they were in Chul, and this was a non-Jewish government, and issues weren’t life and death, it would probably be the right role to take.

Unfortunately, they put their sectarian interests above the life of the country, and even above their fellow religious peers.

A unified religious front could still mean funding for their Yeshivas (all Yeshivas in fact), and not at the expense of the future of this country and the damage they are causing.

But the politicians can’t see that (or at least can’t act on it)

Unfortunately, all the parties (religious too), take turns smacking each other back (and betraying one another) as they try to position themselves closer to the feedbag.

They don’t see it as greed, it’s just that their priorities are short-sighted and narrow.

Btw, I am specifically referring to the party, and not the constituents, who are another story entirely.

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