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Saturday, March 01, 2008
I wrote a few weeks ago about the meeting between some Hebron Arab Clan Elders and Settler leaders.

Now let me give the background behind that event (as told by Boaz HaEtzni).

As many of you know, sicko Israeli leftists and anarchists are the instigators behind many (if not most) of the anti-Settler activities such as farm destructions, ripping down security fences, trespassing on settler land, and fake Arab-owned tree destructions, using the Arabs as willing dupes and fronts for their attacks.

Regular readers of this blog know all the various attacks I’m talking about (particularly those caught on video camera).

It turns out our sick Israeli leftists had another brilliant inspiration.

Last summer, they decided that on the upcoming Rosh Hashana night, they were going to go to Kiryat Arba, by way of the land of the Jabri clan and destroy the Chazon David Shul with a bulldozer, and “occupy” the land in protest.

They went to Jabri clan heads with this latest plan, expecting the usual cooperation.

But the tribe's leaders understood what this meant.

This idea wasn’t about getting them free video cameras, money for recently pruned trees, or simple vandalism against their neighbors.

An act like this would lead to an all-out religious war.

An act like this would lead to a reaction by the Kiryat Arba/Hebron settlers that could literally mean the end of the Jabri clan.

The clan was getting tired of the extra friction the anarchists were causing them with all their shenanigans, and finally understood where the leftists were leading them.

Quite bravely, the clan leaders decided to step back from the brink.

Since then, the clan heads began talking with the Settler heads culminating in the meeting 2 weeks ago when the settler leaders bestowed the clan heads with a thank you plaque for helping prevent the destruction of the synagogue by the sicko Israeli left.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this good news.

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