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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
In a rather strange twist of events, Egypt is apparently offering to openly collaborate and assist the Palestinian terrorists with the kidnapping and hostage taking of Israeli citizens.

Shades of Azzam Azzam, YNET is reporting that our kidnapped soldier will be delivered to Egypt for “safe” holding until the PA’s hostage demands are met by Israel (the release of terrorists caught in the act of attempted murder that happen to be women or minors under the age of 18). Once the Palestinian terrorists are satisfied, only then will their Egyptian collaborators free our kidnapped soldier.

Egyptian officials have confirmed this report and are debating whether or not to participate.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this scenario?


Anonymous said...

How would that be any different from Egypt doing the kidnapping itself? This is not the definition of escrow. This is not what a neutral party would do. We can only hope that Egypt is not really considering participating.

Haven't Israel and Egypt had a decent peace since the treaty? Egypt holding Shalit is not a peaceful action, unless somehow Egypt is figuring out a way to get Shalit safely home without Israel having to negotiate with terrorists.

Why would Egypt even consider this? Isn't Egypt tired of these terrorists too? Egypt didn't want them coming through a hole in their border.

JoeSettler said...

You understand what is wrong with the scenario.

The only thing you missed is that Egypt is not concerned with 'terrorists' coming through a hole on their border, they are concerned about Palestinians coming through a hole in their border.

Anonymous said...

While i am not being naive by ignoring that he would be a hostage or a prisoner of war in Egypt which is wrong, evil & illegal & a breach of our treaty, but as a mother I would rather know that he is alive & well being in an Egyptian prison rather than not knowing how he is as a prisoner/hostage of the Palistinian barbarians.

What an emotional scenerio!


Anonymous said...

Egypt wants just as much as teh palestinians to see Israel destroyed that is why they have been preparing their people and army for war for years now. But they are of the old breed of Arab, like Arafat they lie to us about wanting peace. Whereas Hamas is open that they want all Jews dead.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Im so glad we have a peace treaty with Egypt.

Otherwise, they would be kidnapping our't that what they want to do now by getting Shalit?

Truth said...

HJM: ...alive & well being in an Egyptian prison...

Sorry there, you really ought to look into what it's like in an Egyptian prison, ma'am.

We really ought to stop this foolish mindset, and stop all the disgusting cringing.

The soltuion to rescuing Gilad and making sure this never happens again, is to give the Hamas one hour to return Gilad.

When this does not occur, we [the IDF/IAF] start eradicating population centers in Gaza and Yehuda v'Shomron until he's returned.

And if, God forbid, they kill Gilad, we just don't stop until Gaza and arab-occupied Yehudah v'Shomron are smoking holes in the ground.

And if they do return him, we still don't stop, just to make sure that doesn't happen again [and we don't get kassam rockets or suicide bombers, etc.]

Sofo shel rotzeach, l'hiratzach/"The end of murderer[s] is to be murdered"...


JoeSettler said...


I agree with you, I understood that HJM was simply trying to say that it would be better if Gilad was in an Egyptian prison not because conditions are better, but rather it would be easier on the parents to at least know if their son is alive and not being mutilated and tortured as palestinian terrorists are wont to do.

TruthSeeker said...

Egypt supports their own brothers. By Egypt wanting in on this "hand" could very well raise the "ante" that Israel will have to pay in order to get him back home.

Anonymous said...

Truth, how about this:
Israel collects 200 "Palestinian" leaders (whether they call themselves legislators, sheiks, imams, whatever, and whether they identify with Abbas, Hamas, etc.) Israel then sets the clocks, beginning, say now. For each two minutes that passes without Gilad Shalit safe in Jewish hands, one "Palestinian" is executed with a bullet to his head.
Watch how fast we get Shatlit back and how soon any of these "shualim k'tanim" dare to lift up a hand to kidnap a Jew.

JoeSettler said...

rm: Sorry, but you are talking about a people that sends their own children (or other people's children) to blow themselves up.

They don't care about the other leaders only themselves and their Jihad.

Anonymous said...

They are, however, scared for their own skins. And if those who pull the strings are in the lineup, or know that there's a good possibility they or theirs will be in the lineup next, they'll act fast to free Gilad.

Truth said...

rm: what Joe said, that's why I advocate methodologies which would render the issue quite moot.


Anonymous said...

you speak alot about "methodologies" but I have yet to see you present them in a cogent form starting from identifying the source of the conflict, method/means of dealing with it, and end goal.

Anonymous said...

p.s. you don't see the religious leaders who preach "jihad" to their flocks going out on suicide missions. For this reason, I think those who pull the strings and direct others will call their puppets off when their (the leaders') lives are in danger.

Anonymous said...

The true colors of our 'peace partner' and protector of Gaza infiltration.

JoeSettler said...

rm: You have a very valid point.

Truth said...

rm: you speak alot about "methodologies" but I have yet to see you present them in a cogent form starting from identifying the source of the conflict, method/means of dealing with it, and end goal.

Yes, that bothers me too [although I do spread quite a bit of detail around in comments on various blogs].

I hope I can [finally] put together such a document; you're not the only one who mentioned/requested this [not only online,but in 'real life', too].


Milhouse said...

If Egypt takes custody of Shalit, and does not immediately return him to Israel, it will be an act of war. End of story.

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