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Monday, August 28, 2006
While we lost, we and the US reaped some serious benefits from this war.

1. We learned that most of our current line of generals are incompetent bozos who achieved their positions more because they support kicking Jews out of their homes than for knowing how to fight the enemy.

2. We learned now, before the big war, that we need to revamp, redo, and relearn everything from scratch.

3. We learned a lot about Hizbollah and Iranian fighting techniques.

4. We learned that Iran and Hizbollah know how and are able to intercept and decrypt our and US field transmissions without a problem.

5. We learned that Iran and Hizbollah have (hopefully now "had") the technology and knowledge to maintain a hidden field communications network despite massive bombardment and attempts at blocking those transmissions.

6. We learned a part of what weapons are in the Hizbollah and Iranian arsenal.

7. Hopefully we learned how to actually fight against them.

8. We uncovered serious flaws in our logistics system.

9. We learned that despite all the money invested in a C&C system to remove the “fog of war” our tanks still nearly drove over all our ground troops (in 1 case did) and the system doesn’t work, or at least isn’t either in place or applied correctly.

10. We learned (thought the army still hasn’t) that air support must be used and must be used correctly – no more sending troops into homes and villages that haven’t been flattened yet from the air (unfortunately they will never do this).

11. Our field officers and soldiers got the experience they will need to fight the next war.

12. The country learned which citizens are fighting for us, and which ones aren’t.

13. The next Deportation of Jews has been delayed.

14. We shook off the defeatist/submissive attitude that the general population and especially the IDF had indoctrinated into them by Oslo and the Left, and hopefully it will change for the better in the future.

15. Unintentionally, the government went wild in Lebanon the first few days and bombed everything – not knowing what else to do. That was the right thing to do, as it helped with the deterrence.
Unfortunately they then lowered the magnitude and didn’t do it nearly as much in the villages where Hizbollah were entrenched. Hopefully someone will recognize the benefits of the all out “crazy” massive bombing and how it helped deterrence and realize that it will have to do that completely next time – it’s called total victory.

This list is far from complete, so If you have anymore, feel free to add them


Rafi G. said...

when is that scandal on bassi you mentioned to me going to break?

Anonymous said...

We learnt that being Histurut chairman, who used gorilla tactics to break the government and destroy the economy is not in the league to be Defense Minister and should not be DM.

We learnt that when the Prime Minister declares he is tired of wars and tired of winning, we must believe him.

We learnt that we can make fun of Bibi all we want, but he was right in warning us about the danger of Hamas and Hizballah.

We learnt that the Media really is made up of a bunch of Aholes.


bar_kochba132 said...

Assaf-If Netanyahu was "right" about HAMAS, then why did he support destroying Gush Katif and only (opportunistically) change sides at the last moment when it was too late?
In my mind he is no different than the rest of the Post-Zionists and I DO NOT want him to be Prime Minister--he would turn out to be another Sharon and give everything away. The best gov't for YESHA is the one we have at the moment-a weak, discredited post-Zionist gov't. Having a TRUE "national camp" gov't is not in the cards at this time because the oligarchs who control Israel through the media, state prosecutors office, SHABAK, police, etc will not allow such a gov't to function (e.g. the judicial harrassment of Katsav, Ramon, Olmert himself, etc).

JoeSettler said...

rafig: The Bassi story hasn't broken yet, but the rumor mill says he is in serious legal trouble.

Have you noticed that everyone involved in the Hitnatkut, or didn't protest it when they should is now under investigation for various illicit activities.

I was discussing it with Jameel and we were thinking that supporting the Hitnatkut is a good yardstick to judge how likely someone was involved in illegal, immoral, or illicit affairs.

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