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Monday, August 07, 2006
Arabs living in Eretz Yisrael tend to not make up an important component of the focus of this blog except when they are directly related to events affecting Settlers. Similarly perhaps, Arabs in Eretz Yisrael tend to not make up an important component of the security dialogue of the Land of Israel – except when they are trying to compromise it, be it in the Knesset or on the street.

For a long time, Arabs in Eretz Yisrael viewed themselves as separate from the rest of the country when it came to issues of war and peace. And not just because nearly all don't serve in the army or even do National Service.

In general they either relied on their immunity from war, as it was their brethren (sometimes literally) that were attacking this country, so they knew they were safe, or they tacitly or even openly assisted those that would hurt this country – again from the Knesset or from the street.

Suddenly Israel faces an unconventional war.

Instead of troops coming in and attacking, and then either bypassing the Arab villages, or entering them and receiving succor and support, Israel is attacked by missiles that, as it unexpectedly turns out, can’t differentiate between a Jewish town and an Arab one.

So the Arabs complain, “Why don’t we have an air raid siren?” and “Why don’t we have bomb shelters?”

All the while ignoring why they don’t.

While it is clear why they don’t have bomb shelters (besides that they don't build them into their homes like most Jewish homes do) as no one thought they would ever need them in a conventional war (after all who would be targeting them – their brethren?), but it is still an interesting question as to why they don’t have air raid sirens.

You see it turns out that many of the Arab towns (such as Nazareth) do have air raid sirens, but they simply don’t work.

Rather irresponsible of the Israeli government, wouldn’t you say, letting them go into disrepair?

Irresponsible, only if you ignore why they don’t work.

You see, the Arabs in all these towns and villages complained that they did not want to hear the sounds of the National air raid sirens when we sounded them for Memorial Day or Yom HaShoah. They found it offensive that they were forced to hear our commemorations for our dead – something they don’t and won’t mourn.

So many years ago, a decision was made, after the Arabs complained enough, to simply remove their connection to the national air raid siren system. Exactly what they asked for.

And they probably even thought, no one will attack our town anyway, so who needs it.

Suddenly as missiles unexpectedly fall on their heads, they actually blame Israel for their not being connected.

Now that’s the definition of Chutzpah.


Rafi G. said...

Joe - do you have a source for this claim? While I believe it, to make such a claim really needs a source for why they were disconnected, because most people will not believe it and will consider it libellous (sp?).

JoeSettler said...

Around 2 weeks ago I watched the morning news lady on Channel 1 (or was it 2) rather nastily cross-examine one the senior managers of the system after the missile hit Natzeret. Those were his words.

I wrote it today because of the hits on Haifa. An Arab from Haifa was on TV blaming Israel for the war and saying we are responsible for it and so on - and it isn’t right that he doesn’t have a bomb shelter to go to.

YMedad said...

In today's Maariv, in a report noting that the archives and previous editorial HQ for the Communist daily, Al-ItChad, journalist Barhum Jeraci is quoted as saying, p. 3, "when I saw the pictures on TV I felt a blow to one of the most important parts of my liofe which only increase my anger concerning this war that the Government of Israel initiated".

P.S. "Revenant", not 'settler'.

Anonymous said...


Your readership must goto:



Anonymous said...

So obvious.Great job.It needs to be publicized.Send to ARUTZ-7.
We are losing this war.

Truth said...

This war started quite some time ago - by M. Begin with the Sinai retreat and deportation/destruction, 'autonomy', 'madrid', etc., all the through Oslo treason and the retreat/deportation/destruction of last year.

Put it together, those who recall past events, or at least have the capacity to look them up.

We didn't want to fight then against the ignominy; now the clock is running down as the casualties and deaths are building up, to a point that we will no longer have the option of resisting, R"L.

Consider this carefully.


Truth said...

Take note of how the regime is murdering us, and perhaps consider alternatives to willingly plunging head-first into death/dismemberment at the hands of the scum 'in charge':

IDF reservists: Our missions are unclear, our combat equipment is antiquated


Anonymous said...

Rafi G:

Here's a source item from Ynet:

Home Front Commander: Nazareth asked to be disconnected from air raid sirens

Anonymous said...

...add this one to your list: ... Have you seen this one yet Joe? You might want to publicise it!

Lion of Zion said...

"do you have a source for this claim?"

i read this after nazareth was hit wither in haaretz or jpost.


some arabs in haifa do seem to feel differently these days re. were to lay the blame. see

JoeSettler said...

Lurker: And that was the guy that was interviewed. He said a lot more on TV.

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