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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Man its wild here, and August 22 is the day to be in Jerusalem!

You have to be living in a cave (or not reading
Debka, listening to your local Kabbalist/Astrologer, or paying attention to the Madman in Iran) to not know what is going down.

August 22 is the day the Moslem madmen claim another Moslem Madman (the first one) rode to a rock on a horse and flew away (I assume he unfortunately came back) in a flash of white light (over Jerusalem) or if you’re a Shiite, when Allah and the Madman shared a psychotic episode in a cave (weren’t we just speaking of caves?).

The Madman in Iran keeps saying he has a special surprise for the upcoming anniversary.

Debka keeps implying a possible nuclear attack or mega-attack on Israel particularly in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Kabbalists/astrologers keep saying stay away from Jerusalem.

Are they all kidding?

Don’t you know what’s going on in Jerusalem on Tuesday?

I don’t either, but puhlease, don’t believe everything you hear and read.

(Best part is, if I’m wrong, I won’t be around to eat these words!)


Anonymous said...

As I mentioned before, I'll be barbequeing my favorite meal right next to the Kenesset (ground zero) and I just might get a glimpse of that big bright white light. BTW, Miller Draft is a lot better than that Guniness Extra Stout stuff.

Now, back to the subject. Israel’s Amir Peretz recommends preparation for the next round of the Lebanon War; however, in terms of a major world event like the end of times as others have tried to imply, this date represents nothing more than paganism promulgating more preposterous paganism.

Jack Steiner said...

don’t believe everything you hear and read.

A wise policy.

JoeSettler said...

A wise policy

The problem has always been knowing when to implement it.

Lori said...

The future is as yet unmade.

BoneCrusher said...

what's the address, I can't pass up a free BBQ?!

Is it all-I-Can-Eat?

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