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Monday, August 21, 2006
Dear Residents of the Golan,

Turning on the Internet today, you would have seen the news splashed on every page. We lost the war and are now prepared to give up the Golan.

Some years ago, too long for the average Israeli to remember, the Golan was placed on the chopping block as a sacrifice to the gods of peace. We settlers in Yesha and you settlers in the Golan joined hands and protested.

Ha’Am Im HaGolan” stickers were everywhere, as we spearheaded the fight for your continued survival.

And we won you a reprieve.

And then Yesha was lined up next on the chopping block, and we fought, but without you, as you didn’t want to be associated with us “extremists”.

And when Aza was amputated, you settlers from the Golan were nowhere to be found.

And now with the talk of the rest of Judea and Samaria being realigned and consolidated – again the silence from Golan is deafening.

Guess what. The Golan is back on the chopping block again.

The question is, will you stand alone in your fight to keep your homes?

The average Israeli won’t fight for you – you know that.

In fact the only ones that will are us settlers.

But why should we?

Yes, I want us to keep the Golan for every right reason, but why should I bother when you, the residents of the Golan, don’t want to associate with “extremists” like me when we needed your help in return.

If I have limited resources that I will need to defend my home, why should I waste them on yours when you won’t help me in my hour of need?

Good luck in your struggle, and I hear the government has a good relocation plan for refugees.

Joe Settler


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: There are plenty of good people in the Golan who demonstrated against Olso. Maybe you shouldn't cut off your nose to spite your face?

JoeSettler said...

I should have more correctly addressed this post to the Golan Council as they were the ones who didn't want to associate with us extremists.

There were of course individuals from the Golan that helped us protest, just like there are individuals from Tel Aviv that did the right thing too.

Rafi G. said...

good letter. sad situation. But we all know that yesha (and its supporters among those of us who do not live in yesha) will be out there fighting for the golan. The worst of it is that most of us will blindly follow the yesha council of collaborators who will give up the fight before it begins just for the sake of brotherly love. So we will call a couple of large rallies showing support. but not actually do anything to prevent it...

Anonymous said...

If we dont give away the Golan, then Syria will attack us. Do you really want another war with Olmert, Peretz and Haluytz? See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil. NOT

DLC said...

Here's a SAT analogy for you:

Sharon:Olmert as Olmert:_______

Answer: Dichter

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