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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
If any lessons can be learned from this war it is that fighting by proxy is a pretty good way to hurt the enemy while minimizing your own risk.

True, proxy armies have an occasional tendency to bite their creators and supporters, but perhaps it’s time we start using the tools our enemies have perfected to our own benefit.

I am sure that in both Syria and Iran there are factions that would like nothing more than to strike back at these regimes.

It’s time we set up our own weapons supply chain and put our enemies under the gun – with their very own system.

Keep them busy fighting their own insurrections all the while denying any connection to the “freedom fighters”.

We’re in the Middle East, when are we going to start acting that way?


Anonymous said...

Fighting by Proxy? Yea, but I think that the proxy fighting force would not be willing to fight for anyone unless there is a high salary and also food and water. Only the Israelis are willing to fight with little or no money and without food and water.

Anonymous said...

If Israel is America's proxy, are you suggesting Israel proxy out to someone else?

Isn't their some rule about no proxing out a proxy?


Ben Bayit said...

we tried that already with Tzadal. it didn't work.

JoeSettler said...

bb: Perhaps the mistake was not sending them directly against Syria. We used them for defense, not offense.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Isn't that kind of dangerous? The United States has had it's proxies come back to bite it in the arse. The Mujahadeen in Afghanistand and arming Saddam to fight Iran comes to mind...

Anonymous said...

Better yet, do covert activity, and blame it on some previously unknown terror group called the August 15th brigades

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