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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Just a mere few weeks ago, the left in Tel Aviv barely had a few hundred people protesting our self-defense. Depending on the paper you read, up to 5000 people were out last night demanding we pull out our troops and stop defending ourselves!

Haaretz reports it at 5000. Ynet, more accurately perhaps, at just 3000, but mentions that they were also throwing excrement at the police, so I guess 3000 leftwing protesters and their excrement equals 5000.

The point is, momentum is gathering.

The sicko, radical left (led by the Arab MKs) will soon be calling up their 4 mothers to demand we let Hizbollah hit us harder. Olmert must be getting it big-time from his family, while nothing at all from his wife.

For the past few years Leftists couldn't get a large protest together without free music and food. They've since learned to bring their own food.

Regardless, something always stinks at these lefty protests - at least we now know what it is.


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