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Saturday, August 05, 2006
It has been asked of me what is my solution for defeating Nassralah and Islamic Terror. Napalm aside, the answer is obviously in expanding our empire. Benevolent Occupation if you will.

Let’s face it, Israel is in a bad neighborhood, where less than 100 years ago the British and French took a bunch of sheiks and put crowns on their heads, and they’ve had nothing but assassinations and trouble since. Hardly any Middle East state is much older than the current State of Israel.

People tend to assume that Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and even Saudi Arabia have been around forever, but they haven’t been, they were just backward provinces making up part of the Ottoman Empire (the JoeSettler overly simplified history of the Muddled East) until some upstart broke away and took control or control was given to him.

But it’s obvious that they don’t know how to rule themselves.

Lebanon is one big, violent internecine fight (and Syria is more in charge there anyway). Syria was taken over by a coup years ago, and who knows whether it is a military junta or the unfavored son who is the dictator in charge. Jordan is another dictatorship (called a monarchy). Iraq is a mess, and Saudi Arabia is run by a bunch of, well we know who runs Saudi Arabia and what they’ve done for their population.

Perhaps it is time that Israel starts getting Imperial. Half the leaders of these countries have nothing in common with the people they are oppressing anyway. 80% of Jordan is "Palestinian". Assad of Syria is Ba’ath, while the majority of his countrymen aren’t. I can go on, but what is the point.

The solution is Benevolent Occupation. Kick out their rulers, dictators, and despots from the Middle East and bring in some Jewish brains to run the show. Start with some shows of force to get rid of their weapons, and then bring them some civilization.

“They” like to say we run the world, well, it’s about time we started and showed them how it’s done.


Anonymous said...


JoeSettler said...

I certainly had a lot of time to think. :)

I'm waiting for the first anti-Semite to post a comment about our "Benevolent Occupation" of the Palestinians. Wait to you see the statistics he's going to get.

Of course someone else may mention the Jewish brains running Israel, and then I won't really have an answer.

Anonymous said...


There is a real war going on,as you know all too well..I think we need to use our yiddishekup to wake Olmert up.The hell with the nti-semites.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in the area so it is easy for me to preach, but, GO FOR IT!!

Couldn't get much worse!!!

At the worst, the Muslims would have to call all their converts from around the world to fight you getting all the bad guys in one area for the US to help you eradicate.

That's a clear win-win in my lazy American book!!!

Anonymous said...

Egypt is close to toppling with their rise in internal terrorist groups and Al Quaida links. Once Mubarak dies Israel should also extend the empire southward.

Anonymous said...

For a Jewish empire to exist the current governmental system will have to be scrapped. Lets restore the House of David. Malchut forever!!!

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