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Monday, August 28, 2006
Caught this from the Muqata, originally posted on Gateway Pundit

Two videos showing, nothing less than UN complicity in Arab terrorism. Go Kof Go.

UN Ambulances: More than just saving lives!"

Here are two different video's taken of UN ambulances helping to transport armed militants in Gaza.

** The first video clip shows the crazy life in Gaza where everyone runs around with an AK47 strapped on their back and if you're lucky you get a lift from the UN ambulance driver to your next gig.
** The second video shows armed militants setting up a rocket and then running back and loading up their weapons in the back of a UN ambulance before taking off in a getaway.

UN Ambulance Video- Take 1:
A UN ambulance picks up fighters in Gaza Strip.

Your United Nations dollars at work.
-- If this does not load up right away HERE is the direct link.

UN Ambulance Video- Take 2:
This time a UN ambulance fires missiles into Israel.

Your hard earned dollars at work.
-- Once again, HERE is the direct link if the video does not load immediately.
Hat Tip Tom Pechinski



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