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Friday, August 04, 2006
There not much difference between Avi and Rechavam when it comes down to it. Both love the People and Land of Israel. Both freely and generously donate of their time to wonderful causes. Both were active during the Expulsion. Both are excellent role models of good Jews. Both serve in special units in the reserves.
Last week Avi was up in Lebanon fighting, while Rechavam was waiting for his emergency call-up.

Suddenly Olmert the Idiot (Hassan Nassrallah’s words, not mine) said that this war will be the driving force to forward his plan to expel more Jews from their homes.

Suddenly Avi and Rechavam found themselves in a dilemma.

Ignoring that Olmert is restraining the IDF’s fighting options, Avi and Rechavam asked themselves, should they fight in a war which the Leadership of the Left explicitly plans to exploit in order to kick these same reserve soldiers out of their own homes?

At the end of the week, they each made their decision.

Avi told his commanders that he is quitting the war and they should put him on trial. He will not risk going home in a body bag so Olmert can then have his body dug up from its grave a few months later after Olmert destroys his settlement. (They let him go without a trial).

Rechavam said that G/d is obviously in control here and not Olmert. Rechavam’s job is to protect the people in the North, and G/d will worry about Rechavam’s home.

Rechavam is now up in Lebanon fighting.

As a potentially very relevant question, I am asking what would you now do in this same situation?


JoeSettler said...

Anonymous said...

To make a long story short, there was once a man who left everything up to G-d even during the time when a flood hit his community. As the water reached his living room floor, the National Guard sent a truck to pick him up but he said that he trusts in G-d to save him. After the water completely flooded his house, a boat was sent to rescue him but again he said no, that he trust in G-d to rescue him. As the water reached his roof and as he was standing on his roof a helicopter was sent to rescue him but again he refused by saying that trust that G-d will save him. After he drowned, he went before G-d and asked Him why did He not rescue him. G-d asked, who do you think sent to you the truck, the boat and the helicopter?!

What is my opinion in this matter? For sure trust in G-d to help you but you yourself have to put forth an effort to save yourself as well.

If one is concerned about prior proper planning to prevent poor burial plot placement, I am not certain that this is a good enough reason to NOT to protect your country by not serving in the Army.

If everyone did this, then does one think that the Muslims would even consider giving a Jew a burial plot in Israel after they take full control of the land?

Ezzie said...

Avi's political point helps nobody; Rechavam's helps the nation.

Also, if the situation were reversed, we'd all (rightfully) call for a leftist to stand trial for refusing to serve a RW government that was "taking land" from Palestinians. Actions like Avi's only give precedence to those who do not love Israel to do what they want.

bar_kochba132 said...

Rav Eliezer Melamed in the "B'Sheva" newspaper today (he is one of the few really articulate anti-Mamlachti rabbis today, and he did not support the failed NU/NRP party which many other anti-Mamlachti figures supported for reasons that I can't fathom) said one has to fight in spite of the corruption of the government, because it is a mitzvah to protect the people, regardless of how rotten the regime in power is. It is a difficult decision, though, and I can understand the reasoning of the other side in this argument. Curse this regime for putting good Jews into this dilemma.

Anonymous said...

check out

Would you help them?

Waht side of the issue are you on?

Anonymous said...


Martin Cooper said...

What Avi's actions tell me is that he is selfish, narrow-minded and parochial. He is willing to fight for his own yishuv, family and friends when and where it suits him--presumably to preserve the privileged lifestyle of the so-called "faith-based community" in the gated bedroom suburbs of Judea and Samaria--but not for the Galil, and don't even mention "godless" Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Arad, Eilat and my neighborhood in secular west Jerusalem. To my mind Avi is typical of the so-called "wonderful" settler community--he is neither a good Jew nor a good Israeli and I have nothing but contempt for him.

Anonymous said...

Martin, you wouldnt know what a good Jew was if you tripped over one, and a good Israeli translates as a good hellenist. That being said, your statement is foolish from every level, Avi would hapily fight for godless Tel Aviv as he had in fact. But, he asks why should he risk his life so that the Olmert government can perform a act that is like avodah zara? To give up parts of Eretz Yisrael.

I myself made a choice not to join the IDF after last summer, because the time has passed when there was value serving in the IDF. Once a army which was set up to protect Jews only fights against them it is no longer worth anything, and once any reason to serve is gone I will certainly not return now.

But I will make all the hellenists a promise when Israel becomes a Torah state then I and Avi will serve proudly, but until then there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by joining the IDF.

JoeSettler said...

Gee Martin,

I would have invited you to my Yishuv to help us with the minyan as my Yishuv is more than half empty of all our men as we get our Tzav-8 to go up and fight.

But since you firmly believe that the typical settler is "selfish, narrow-minded, and parochial". The fact that our men are up there fighting for this country really wouldn't put a dent in your bias.

Hell, in fact, as the Jerusalem Post put it on Friday, 30%-50 of all the IDF combat soldiers and officers are religious. But that wouldn't affect you either.

But you obviously didn't read my post anyway. Avi was up already up there fighting for the Galil and 'godless' Tel Aviv. He chose to quit only when the Prime Minister of the country told him that he, Avi, was not fighting to protect the country but rather to kick himself out of his own home. And that Avi's success would mean that Avi would have no home to go home to.

I know that that you can't understand that we privileged settlers are risking our lives fighting for 'godless' Tel Aviv, but perhaps not so willing to participate in an action that the Prime Minister has stated will be used to destroy our own homes and dump us out on the streets.

But that's because the secular have no problems in kicking us out of our homes.

Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Avi is very upset and angry-and rightly so.However the present war is for the seurity of the state if Israel.Wewilldeal with Olmert after this.

JoeSettler said...

daat y:
Well that's the real problem.

Israeli's have very short memories. In a few weeks (if not sooner) they will have forgotten why we are fighting in Lebanon, if we are still even there.

How many remember we are actually still fighting in Gaza?

Once this is over, Olmert will pick up where he left off, and most of Israel will be silent in the face of the attrocities he has planned.

They will forget our sacrifices, and as Hizbollah (or whoever takes their place) rearms, the Right will be told we are overreacting as we are kicked out of our homes.

Anonymous said...

No more kissing soldiers as we are thrown out.Yesha needs NEW strong ,assertive leadership and planning.-

Anonymous said...


Your answer is overly simplistic and glib.

"Avi's political point helps nobody." Perhaps you are correct about this.

"Rechavam's helps the nation." Now this is not clear at all. According to our Prime Minister, Rechavam's actions will enable him (Olmert) to evict tens of thousands of Jews from their homes, destroy their communities, and turn the land over to terrorists. Now how, exactly, does this "help the nation"?

Regarding your claim that "we'd all (rightfully) call for a leftist to stand trial for refusing to serve a RW government that was 'taking land' from Palestinians": Speak for yourself. I, for one, believe that a person has to answer, first and foremost, to his own conscience. And a just state respects the right of an individual to do so. No person should be compelled to carry out an action that he believes to be immoral. I support the right of a leftist to decline to participate in such an action if he believes it is wrong -- even though I also believe that he is tragically misguided, and is following a twisted code of ethics. (The army is much much better off without such Jews anyway. They should be encouraged to emigrate -- which many such people are are already inclined to do.) To advocate punishing such a person is not only wrong; it also sets a bad precedent for committed Jews who refuse to obey orders to carry out actions that they know to be immoral -- such as evicting Jews from their homes.

Martin Cooper:

You are completely missing the point. Obviously, Avi is not unwilling to fight for the Galil, Tel Aviv, and even your neighborhood in Occupied Jerusalem. He has done exactly that in the past. And in fact, he was doing exactly that just a few days ago, risking his life in Lebanon -- right up until Olmert made his announcement regarding what he intends to achieve with this war. The point is that Avi is unwilling to fight and die in order to help Olmert destroy his own home and family -- not to mention the homes and families of tens of thousands of other Jews.

Btw, you're quite correct -- Avi is definitely typical of "the so-called 'wonderful' settler community". That's why he's was risking his life in Lebanon in a combat unit. And that's why the Dati Leumi community -- the "settlers" foremost among them -- are the single largest source of volunteers for combat units in the IDF. That's why the percentage of Dati Leumi in combat units is at 50% -- in Golani and Givati at 60-70%. Conversely, the volunteer rate for such units among secular Israelis (like yourself) has been dropping steadily for the last 15 years, and is now little more than a small trickle. That's because secular Israeli youth have successfully absorbed their post-Zionist education, and as result, don't give a damn about the serving in the army. Most of them dream of emigrating to America or Europe, just like Olmert's kids have.

Ro'i Klein -- one of those "settlers" for whom you have "nothing but contempt" -- came home from Lebanon last week in a body bag, after throwing himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. Olmert plans to reward Ro'i for his sacrifice by throwing his widowed wife and two small orphaned children out of their home, and turning them into refugees. They might also get the privilege of seeing Ro'i dug up from his grave. Unfortunately, Ro'i won't be around to look after them after Olmert makes them homeless.

Maybe Avi wanted to be around to look after his family after Olmert uses his victory in the war to make Avi's family homeless.

Martin: Clearly, it isn't enough for you to destroy the lives, homes, and families of these giving, committed, selfless Jews. You also want to to see them forced into fighting and dying to enable their own destruction.

You are one sick puppy.

Anonymous said...

daat y: "Wewilldeal with Olmert after this" - YEAH ...SURE ... HOW??? WHAT plan do you or anyone have that will ENSURE no repeat of last years ...???

Anonymous said...

Are we sort of missing the point of priority here? Wheather one stays in the IDF or not, he is going to be evicted from his home as Olmert has stated; so, why risk loosing the country as well by not serving in the IDF?

I do not agree with Olmert nor with any leftist official but are we to let the country fail altogether?

JoeSettler said...

You actually are missing the point. The point is not that just Avi will be evicted from his home.

Consider where we are now. Less than a year after the Expulsion half a million Israelis are suddenly refugees. Forget the North, there has been no normal life in the South for months, and no one cared.

And now Olmert is saying that all the North will need to get used to regular missile strikes.

Avi will be evicted from his home, but that is just the next step where everyone in Tel Aviv becomes refugees too - and not in Israel.

Another expulsion will lead to a worse war with the Arabs, and next time, the settlers, who make up 50% of the combat troops won't neccessarily choose to fight for Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...

When will one of these setteler fighterse 30-50%in active duty become prome minister and mashiach ben yosef already -thats what i'm waiting for thats what esau and ishmael are waiting for . When HASHEM WHEN ALREADY??? 90 percent of secular jews who dont practice mitzvot or study the Torah can understand or grasp oviously that Israels future role is expansion not disengagementfrom the land of Israel.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that :

NOT FIGHTING to protect the land and people, you may be forfeiting your home; and

BY FIGHTING you may in the end lose your land and home anyway.

IF ALL SOLDIER/CITIZENS of Israel did this, none of you will have land and home.

Anonymous said...

I would ask the gedolim what to do as halacha is in the hands of the gedolim. It seems to me that this question should be asked to da'as Torah, not decided by the individual.

Anonymous said...

this olmert perez peres trio is a big disaster for israel
as soon as this war is over they must be thrown out
if not i fear for another holocaust

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