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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Dear Ehud Olmert,

You are in over your head. Even in a small pond like Israel, you are guppy.

You lost this war. You lost our deterrence. You have let the spearhead of Islamic terror strike slice through us like a paper tiger.

You sit at your desk and ask your cabinet to approve a “cease-fire” that declares our surrender to terrorism, instead of telling your cabinet that we will only accept victory, and the UN be damned.

Unbelievably, you managed to completely underwhelm the enemy by withholding the concentrated, combined capabilities of our army - through the deficient application of our potentially overwhelming air power and the lack of deeply embedded ground troops clearing out enemy territory as long as a month ago – even as far as Beirut if necessary.

Certainly nothing less than your faltering, hesitant and zigzagging reactions - when decisions needed to be made - led us to where we are.

You still want Consolidation?

Well you let a million Jews be consolidated right out of their homes from the North. You got your consolidation.

But we don’t want your consolidation. We don’t want your cease-fires. We want victory and nothing less.

And we want you to go home.

-Joe Settler


bar_kochba132 said...

AMEN! This is a capitulation, plain and simple. And once again, the most healthy part of Israeli society, the National Religious/YESHA people are compleletly devoid of ANY leadership, led by a political party NU/MAFDAL that has maybe one intelligent Knesset Member (Eldad), all the rest are political hacks whose only interest is in getting handouts for their favorite institutions--national leadership doesn't interest them at all in this crisis (and I am including their big "general" who is a resounding flop in politics). Sane people who still believe in the state and the Jewish people have to get together NOW and work to get things in track IN SPITE OF THE ROTTEN POLITICIANS WHO ARE DRAGGING US INTO THE ABYSS.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: What do you expect from a person who said just 1 year ago:

"We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want that we will be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies."

(Ehud Olmert Address at Israel Policy Forum, New York, June 9, 2005)

We want to win -- he wants to lose.

Anonymous said...

Olmert will now blame everyone else fot this major loss.He needs to be pressed now and his true narcississtic ,angry self will be observed by all-this will help him go.
But this is real serious for Israel and our weakness shown to our enemies. Our one friend said this is all I could do.

M. Simon said...

How in the heck did you folks manage to elect such a galoot?

Obviously you are getting the government you deserve.

The core problem is that Olmert is a socialist. He hates to see any one hurt. He hates inflicting death on Israeli mothers. He refuses to face the fact that the alternative is inflicting death on the Israeli nation.

You guys really need to can that socialism crap. It breeds unhealthy attitudes.

Capitalists at least understand investment, profit, loss. Unless you are a thief profit always has a certain cost. If you want the profit you must pay the price.

What am I saying? That even for the secular there are belief patterns and experiences that would turn out better leaders than Olmert.

Seriously. Socialism breeds weak nations.

Had enough yet?

M. Simon said...

Olmert was driven to minimize his losses not maximize his profits.

His bleeding heart has bled the nation for no profit.

Really he is exactly what you would expect from socialists.

M. Simon said...

And now you have the Palestinians saying the want to be ruled by Israel.

You know why.

They want to bleed you up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

Well said! BTW, where is "home" for Olmert?

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain, the Arabs of AZA are now "importing" thousands of missles via the tunnels. The war proved to the Arabs that missles alone can hold back the Jews.

Oh the books that will now be written on the failure of the past 20yrs. The birth of Olso, which led to the IDF to sop training in warfare, the mighty Barak and Sharon who ran away from terror with their tail between their legs, and Halutz the airforce man who thought that you can win a war from bombing from the sky only.

Lets hope that we dont have short memories in 6 months down the line.


bluke said...

2 points:

1. Olmert launched this last offensive after the ceasefire for CYA purposes, in other words 24 soldiers died yesterday to save Olmert and Peretz's butts (for more see Olmert and Peretz are sacrificing soldiers to save themselves)

2. Even the left is saying that Olmert needs to go. Ari Shavit had a front page article in Haaretz on Friday calling for Olmert to go. OPINION: Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office

Anonymous said...

Go home?!

How about Olmert go to the very hell that he put our country in.

Anonymous said...

Go home? Go to hell?
Hey, maybe in Olmert's case that's a redundancy.

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