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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
If the Defense Minister mentions something in passing, I guess it doesn’t need to be censored.

One of the things you haven’t heard till now is that Hizbollah is not the only enemy force that Israel is fighting in Lebanon.

Iran has special commando units physically in place in Lebanon that are battling our troops.

These Iranian commandos may be well very armed – but we are beating them bad.

(Whooo, that's one thing out of my system, 99 more to go).


Anonymous said...

What defines bad? We lost 5 solders yesteray.

Truth said...

The number of dead [or captured] 'farsi-speakers' is censored. [seriously. by the way, that tidbit about RG commandos fighting slipped out weeks ago in the media, but was 'disappeared' quickly - the regime doesn't want the public even more worked up].

In any case, Joe, would you care to comment on an interesting, overlooked fact, given your first-hand experience in Lebanon?

Regarding those terrorist bunkers, that the regime/media wants us to think got constructed by Hisbulluh since Barak ran away, weren't those fortified bunkers actually constructed by the PLO back in the day, to contain [and did contain at the time, before '82] enough equipment and weapons for a one million man army? Did Tzahal destroy those bunkers or not? Who's using them now, and what was left in them when Barak fled? [for example, those night-vision 'security cameras', etc.]



JoeSettler said...

Truth, I don't actually know who built the bunkers or when, but I guess I could find out easily enough.

I do know we left a tank behind when we ran and lots of other interesting and useful things for the enemy.

But that tends to happen when you turn tail and run (like the Egyptians and their boots in 1973).

Beth, yes we've had losses, but does the public know yet how many the enemy's really had?

Truth said...

Truth, I don't actually know who built the bunkers or when, but I guess I could find out easily enough.

I bet you and your readers would love to have those facts 're-confirmed', so we can then accurately speculate further on what's being done to us by the regimes and their moronic but effective media and other hacks, and perhaps counter the moves...

I do know we left a tank behind

Yes sir, recent non-mystery solved regarding our Merkavot are so 'vulnerable all of a sudden' [ie, the revolutionary, innovated 'reactive armour' was compromised and obviated by giving the enemy a chance to study it and experiment on it]. I guess the 'news' forgot that, and prefers to rail on the IMI [Israel Military Industries, the Merkava tank being one of the dwindling line of effective products they produce] The 'upgrade' that was known to be neccessary was indeed developed and even produced in small quantities, but was deemed 'too expensive' to implement on all IDF tanks [the cost would be around $300 million USD to do it, more or less] - so naturally, our brilliant regime decided to upgrade none...

when we ran and lots of other interesting and useful things for the enemy.

Some might say we also left our 'marbles' (also in the Hebrew-slang sense of 'julote') there, too [not much use for the enemy but hard for us to survive without]...


Anonymous said...

Olmert's remarks sound like he is preparing for a possible post-war inquiry commission.

After the Yom Kippur War, Golda Meir told the Agranat Commission that due to her lack of military experience, she was forced to take expert advice. The commission accepted her answer and did not hold her responsible for the failures of the war. Olmert's comments about his reliance on the recommendations of security officials brings up echoes of the past. But ultimately, even when Halutz and Peretz are advising him, Olmert bears the ultimate responsibility - and Wednesday, his ability to do so will be put to the test.
Yalla Kadema!

Anonymous said...

Joe,If it is censorship to protect our soldiers ,I agree with it.But if it is other resons e.g.people protecting ,CYA,then letTHEM stop you and you continue with the truth.

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