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Monday, August 14, 2006
1. Peace Now had the chance to run Israel's security system and showed, once and for all, what would happen under their rule, while the "social justice" lobby of the Labor Party had their chance to assume power and showed that they would not even take care of the social welfare ministry, leaving it with no minister and leaving Israel with no social policy, with thousands of people left to suffer..Bye Bye Peace Now and Labor Zionist Socialists.

2. On the other hand., if a Bibi or an Effie Eitam were PM, "Peace Now" would have brought 400,000 to Kikar Rabin to demonstrate after Kfar Kana and destroyed any national unity.

3. Am Yisrael is en route to being united, albeit by a new Haman, yet united.

4. Red Haifa is less pink. And bombed Kibbutzim in the north and in the Negev will be less likely to dispatch people to peace rallies in the future.

5. The permanent schism between the Zionist and anti-Zionist left is now evident. Wait for those high profile treason trials those who supported the enemy during a time of war. All the noose that's fit to print.

6. The Israeli Arab leadership and the PA leadership have showed their total support for the genocidal policies of Hizbullah/Iran against the State of Israel. The restoration of military rule over the Israeli Arabs is in the offing, and the disbanding of the Palestinian Fourth Reich may also be in thecards.

7. The dire consequences of Israel's unilateral surrender policy are being felt by at least half of the Israeli population. Any government that would dare suggest any such policy now will have to cope with a seething population who will not tolerate any such suggestion.

8. Wait for the ultimate investigation commissions to be empowered and convened. It will dwarf the post-Yom Kippur War Investigation commission. Who gave the order for the IDF to run out of Lebanon on May 20th and leave their best equipment for the Hizbullah? Who covered up the warnings of the 12,000 missiles in place? Who gave orders not to prepare the shelters?

9. The collapse of Israel's social welfare system in the North has given way to a Hesed system, which may become a permanent fixture.

9. Aliya of thousands of Jews continues during this time.

10. In IDF units and in many places in Eretz Israel, people who had never prayed to God are now calling out to the Almighty for sustenance. It's beginning to look a lot like Elul, everywhere you go.

DAVID BEDEIN, Beit Agron, Jerusalem Shel Matah.


JoeSettler said...

I think he is ridiculously optimistic on some things. Bet hey, it’s nice to dream.

Anonymous said...

I missed the thousands of Olim that came this month during the war.

Anyway, those who belive in holding the West Bank, better tighten their belts. Peretz wont go down as a leftist failure. He will be coming to town before the War Commission results are released.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand what all the fuss is about here. The leftist Israeli government was gaining success in kicking out our brothers and sisters from their homes so as to give them to the Arabs. The Arabs want Haifa also. Well, many Jews left Haifa thanks to Nasrallah; so, here's a chance for the government to move in to evacuate Haifa. Maybe the IAF could start dropping leaflets over Tel Aviv now so as to prepare them for the same.

In case you're wondering where I live, I live close to ground zero, The Kenesset. I just might have a split second chance to see the great white flash when that time comes…with no concern to hide and suffer long painful injuries afterwards.

There's just one thing that I have to get clarification on and it is this. Are we allowed to hasten the arrival of the Mosiach? If so, then I expect every religious Jew in Israel to vote for Olmert for the next election.

Anonymous said...

Olmert’s government had dealt with the conflict like a “bunch of women."

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Like Peres and Arafat, Olmert and Nasrallah both should be given the NObell PEACE Prize.

bar_kochba132 said...

To Anonymous who is wondering about olim.....several plane-fulls of Olim are arriving last week and this week as part of the Nefesh B'Nefesh program, from the US and UK. I met one of the ones who came last week from the US and he told me that there were NO cancellations, in spite of the war. This week one of the plane-fulls is from Britain. Also several weeks ago, after the war started IIRC 3 plane-loads came from France. These are the largest numbers of Olim coming from Western countries since shortly after the Six-Day War.
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE SUMMER because Jews keep coming in spite of the problems in the country and the incompetence of its leadership.

Anonymous said...


I just had a thought that goes against P.C.

Maybe this Hudna is really good for us.

We went into this war totally NOT prepared. Our troops were not trained, and we lacked basic and advanced equipment.

Why continue losing? We lost. We lost. We lost. Nothing can change this now. 2 million citzens in bomb shelters, and over 100 dead, and Nasrallah is still breathing.

We need to go back, kick out the leadership which proved this was way over their head. We need training, and I mean real basic training. Army is not just coming home on Shabbat. We need to accelerate advance technology.

We were caught with our pants down. We need to regroup, kick out the low level ex likudnik, and build up a fighting machine.

Joe, whats your thoughts?

Eli B.

Anonymous said...

Hah. Aliyah... olim. Yea thats nice. But for last 5 years more Jews have been leaving Israel than coming... by A HUGE MARGIN.

No that said im an olim also and all for aliyah. You just gotta keep your eye on the cold facts too.

This guy Bedein sounds like the people who said that Gush Katif will never be expelled and went on to give a laundry list of 10 reasons.


bar_kochba132 said...

To Anonymous who claims more people are leaving Israel than coming in the last 5 years...PROVE IT. I don't have the statistics but I find that hard to believe, so I challenge you to give the figures. I did hear that since the terror war broke out in 2000 a significant number of non-Jewish Russians who came to Israel left, but that is a good thing because these people do not identify with Jews or Zionism, came to get handouts from the gov't which they couldn't get back home, have an alienated youth that often got into trouble, etc. The Olim coming today tend is majority religious, idealistic and educated, so they will have a long-term effect on Israel that will be far beyond their numbers. Also, a snow-ball effect will develop because the more Western Jews come and successfully integrate, the once "far-fetched" notion of aliyah from the richest countries in the world becomes more realistic to the Jews there who have not yet come. This is just the beginning.

JoeSettler said...

Eli B.:
There is truth in what you are saying.

Though we could have won, but not with the current leadership.

As Netanyahu said today, there will be another round soon enough.

Hopefully, not only Hizbollah will be regrouping and getting ready.

Anonymous said...

Even Dalia Itzik knows she **cked up.

The war, Itzik declared, was "over the fact of our existence here." Its main lesson, she added, was that "we insisted too early on being a normal people, on sitting in cafes, investing in tourism. [This war] has proven that we are a people who lives on its sword against those who would kill us. The flags of security and defense were folded too quickly."

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dalia Itzik should be the next Minister of Defense then her American counter part, Condi Rice, would have one more woman leftist to find more concessions to give out Israeli land to appease terrorists. However, I think that Peretz is batting 100% in the failure list; so, he might be pretty hard to beat in the leftist camp.

Anonymous said...

Bar Kochba, a lot of Israelis are leaving but they are all secular. They are only hastening their defeat.

Anonymous said...

We have lost he war.Israel's first loss.No spin will change the facts.

Anonymous said...

We have lost the war.Israel's first loss.No spin will change the facts.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving Israel because of the war and all the hate and I don't really belong here as a Westerner. I think most Jews are here out of cirmcumstance and those who are idealistic leave disillusioned or stay disillusioned or are very right-difficult for me to relate with it's at such an extreme. I don't care how many planes are coming, many will return to North America. Life is next to impossible here and in the long term, the government is not interested in settling educated people. I know, you will continue to do what you do. But, I'm lucky enough to go back to a country that I can survive in. I really find a lot of beautiful things here and have met great people, but I miss America and the quiet.

Anonymous said...

I'm shomer shabbat too! So not just the secular people are leaving.

JoeSettler said...

It can be very difficult to live here with everything. And even though it says that Eretz Yisrael can only be acquired through suffering, sometimes it seems we have suffered enough and should have acquired it already.

Yaakov Avinu just wanted quiet and to live in Eretz Yisroel, and even he wasn't fully able to realize his dream.

At some point things will change here and I hope you see it and choose to return.

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