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Thursday, August 10, 2006
In previous posts I gave very clear definitions of Victory. I don’t know if this government can achieve them, so like our Prime Minister I’ve decided to redefine what Victory will be.

Unlike the Prime Minister, I will not dumb down my goals, nor mark the finish line behind me before I even step foot on the track.

But I suspect there is another way to achieve victory in this war.

The key factor holding this war together – is Hassan Nasrallah.

While Iran and Syria are playing major leading roles, it is Nasrallah who is the glue and brains of Hizbollah. Iran will find a replacement, but like the current Dali Lama for Tibet, Iran and Syria got lucky when they Nasrallah left Amal for Hizbollah. (I’m not calling the Dali Lama a terrorist for those that didn’t understand the comparison).

Taking Nasrallah out will set Hizbollah back significantly. (Hanging him up by his toenails - that would just be a perk).

Yes we will still have to fight them, and they will still launch their missiles, but as both a symbol and their uniquely endowed leader I highly suspect that removing Nasrallah would turn this war around very quickly.

And then we need to perform a regime change in Syria and Iran.


DLC said...

I've thought the same thing, although one problem - how exactly are we going to do that? It's not like we haven't been trying.

JoeSettler said...

Speaking of the Dali Lama...

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