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Friday, February 02, 2007
Last week Rav Bina of Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh publicized a full page ad in some Right-wing religious newspapers showing support for Ya’ir Naveh. It has generated a considerable amount of controversy and criticism which you can read about in this Jerusalem Post article, including a strongly worded counter-ad that is being distributed. A typical reaction to the original ad can be seen on this blog.

Rav Bina is known worldwide as an educator extraordinaire. I personally do not know his political leanings, nor do I think I have ever heard of him taking any public political stances or positions.

But when a Rabbi of Rav Bina’s stature takes such an openly controversial, apparently political, in your face, very public stance, which appears to be completely out of character, much less, out of the blue, you need to ask why.

So unlike all his detractors, I decided to ask why.

I drove to the Old City, went to Rav Bina’s office in his Yeshiva, and very, very politely asked him, “What is this Naveh thing all about?”

I did not know what kind of reaction or response I would get to this act or question.

But he very graciously explained to me why he did it.

I won’t publicize his answer, other than to say it wasn’t political, and that I am satisfied that for Rav Bina it was 100% the right decision.

Sometimes there are more things that meet the eye, things going on behind the scenes. In my opinion, Naveh has done and is doing some bad things as of late, actions that are bad for Klal Yisrael and bad for Israeli democracy and society.
But there are times when showing support for an individual is not the same as showing support for what he has done or is doing.

Yes, that also raises other very serious questions and she'alot, but hameyvin yavin.
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