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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Study: 57 percent of East Jerusalem residents are Arab

What exactly is the intention of this article in Haaretz?

As an ideologically driven tabloid Ha’aretz’s reporting and choice of words tends to reflect the goals and doctrine of the paper. We know that Ha’aretz are Oslo-worshippers, we know they are against settlers, we know they are Left, and we know they are for dividing Jerusalem.

The other day I wrote about how Ha’aretz calls Jews who moved into East Jerusalem homes “settlers”. I discussed whether they were settlers because the neighborhoods were in East Jerusalem or whether it was because the neighborhoods had an Arab majority.

This week they cataloged for us the larger “Jewish” East Jerusalem neighborhoods: “Pisgat Ze'ev (population approximately 41,000), Ramot (40,000), Gilo (27,000), Neve Yaakov (20,000), Ramat Shlomo (14,000), and East Talpiot (12,000)”, as well as the larger “Arab” neighborhoods, “Shuafat (34,000), the Muslim Quarter of the Old City (26,000), Beit Hanina (24,000) and A-Tur-Aswana (22,000).”

Yet, when a Jew moves into the “Muslim Quarter” (which until 1948 was contained a Jewish majority) or Shiloach he is called a “settler” by Ha’aretz.

It is becoming clearer that Ha’aretz is not only driven by the ideologies I listed above, but they are also inherently racist (in one direction only).

Clearly they believe in apartheid (as the Left abuse the term) – that Jews may not live in Arab areas, of course when it comes to the other way around, such as the Jewish village of Katzir in the Gallil, they clearly believe the opposite. Perhaps for all their “progressive” thoughts, they inherently believe Arabs are aborigines, Jews are colonialists, and they simply hate themselves (OK, we know that’s probably what they believe).

But moving away from Ha’aretz for a minute it raises another important question.

In the article it says, “The report indicated that the government targets for Jerusalem's Jewish population have not been reached.”

I find that strange as the government is doing all it can to prevent Jewish families from moving into East Jerusalem (or is that only into Arab dominated areas of East Jerusalem?).

If the government has these target goals, then start helping the Jewish “settler” move into East Jerusalem and strengthening our hold on the city in the face of the battle to split it.

If that isn’t the goal, then stop claiming that it is already.
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