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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
When Yosef Lieberman was running, there was concern from diverse poles if it would be good for a Jew to be President of the US. The Jews worried he might go to an extreme to show he wasn’t partial to Israel, the anti-Semites worried that this was part of Jewish world domination.

The funny thing is, it turns out that if Lieberman had won, he wouuld not have been the first Jewish President of the good ol' USA.

That honor, according the New York Times goes to none other than the Hebrew speaking, Turkey loving, third president of the USA, President Thomas Jefferson!

It seems we have some DNA available from relatives of TJ, it was traced back, and it seems that not only did TJ have a Jewish paternal ancestor, the guy was a Moroccan (funny, he doesn't look Jewish).

So, was it good for America that it had a (of) Jewish (descent) President?

I’d say the answer was a resounding yes.

Of course, Columbus was a Jew, and America was named after navigator Amerigo Vespucci, also a Jew, so overall, I’d say our Jewish cabal is doing just fine in secretly taking over the world.
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