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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Following the success of kicking out some Jews from the City of David, the government decided that Hebron would be a good next step.

The JP reports on “scuffles” when “security forces checked if Hebron settlers had illegally moved into property abandoned by Palestinians. In two instances, they found settlers living in such properties. Security forces took note of the settlers' presence but took no steps to evict them at this time, the spokesman said.”

The police claim all they were doing were investigating.

Continuing in the article, it says, “A police spokesman said he did not know if a hole had been made in the wall or not, but he said those involved in the inspection did not cause any unnecessary property damage. “

We already know what liars we unfortunately have in the police.

Not sure for yourself. Go see the more pictures of the police "investigation" with a sledgehammer.

Or read Caroline Glick’s op-ed today where, among other things, she discusses the Police Chief who perjured himself in court not knowing his assault on a peaceful (and legal) demonstrator was being videotaped (he of course continued to be promoted over the years despite the perjury!).

The point of this post though is not actually police values and violence.
It is about the purposeful and forced abandonment of Jewish property in Israel by the Leftist elite in charge.

After all the hard work and money that went into acquiring the land in the Shiloach (King David’s Jerusalem) and the amazing Jewish archeological finds, the government purposely forces Jews to abandon strategic and important locations because it will interfere with their future plans to disengage from our own heritage.

The land in Hebron belonged to the Jewish community from before the ’36 massacre. Does that matter to the Leftist elite? No. Jews in Hebron are problematic, regardless that the land is indisputably ours.

Hashem Yerachem.
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