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Monday, February 12, 2007
Warning: This post has pictures!

As archeologists try to save whatever they can from the Wakf’s deliberate destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount, and as the Arabs continue to build freely on top of the Temple Mount regardless of what damage they do, or whose religious sensibilities they hurt, one can only step back and be amazed at their chutzpa they have to protest the construction of a ramp onto the Temple Mount which actually serves them. Protesting of course, only since it is Israel that is building it (and as it also gives the police a quicker access to the Temple Mount in case of future riots).

I use the word “protest” very casually, as what they are doing is actually rioting quite violently for the purpose of trying to set off a wider conflagration.

But in reality, there is nothing new with their actions, or the Jewish complacency to their actions, and the world’s utter silence in the face of their violence.

It is amazing how a bridge being built for the Arabs sets them off. Of course, it could be that the archeological findings under the bridge (again proving to their dismay that we were here first) also upsets them.

As part of my new policy (when convenient) to visit controversial sites and figures, I decided to go up to the Kotel today and check out what is going on – and while I was at it, I took a spur of the moment Kotel Tunnel Tour with Mrs. JoeSettler and JoeSettler Jr. (don’t try this at home, we just happen to have connections to get in at the spur of the moment to a bunch of different places.)

In this first picture we see a bulldozer ripping up the Kotel Plaza. No connection to the bridge other than to show that I don’t see any Jews rioting.

Here we see the current temporary bridge that is being replaced after the old one was destroyed in an earthquake 3 years ago.

The amount of lying that comes out of their mouths, and the excuses they use to riot.

In short their riots are all an act.

What follows are picture of JoeSettler Jr. in the Kotel Tunnels. If you recalled the crazy Arabs rioted then too – only because it proves yet again that they are latecomers to the scene in Israel.

JoeSettler Jr. standing next to a lower layer of the Western Wall (which is actually the restraining wall of the mountain.
Our Temple stood on top of the mountain where the Mosque temporarily sits at the moment.

JoeSettler Jr. running down the length of the Kotel walls.

JoeSettler Jr. in front of what was once (2000 years ago) the Western Entrance through the Kotel wall directly onto the Temple Mount.

JoeSettler Jr. standing on a glass floor that allows you to see the Herodian street at the base of the Kotel.

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