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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
A typical Leftist wrote an idiotic article in YNET that God is a Leftist and hates the Settlers. His premise: The expelled settlers are suffering far more than the Leftist leaders who are under investigation and losing their jobs.

My response to his idiocy is below:
According to your logic, the Holocaust proves that God hates Jews.

No, the answer is quite different.

Just like in the Holocaust, what was done to the Settlers and the resulting fallout was done to them by other people with free will.

The "suffering" we see many of the pullout supporters and leaders undergoing (criminal investigations, jail time, and lost jobs) results from their lack of basic morals in their own personal conduct and professions (as if we didn't see that from the Expulsion).

They caused their own suffering.

Sorry you can’t tell the difference.

Does B. Michael also believe that God was a Nazi Sympathiser during the Holocaust?
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