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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Those crazy Arabs are at it again. I wrote about it once here.

Is there something simply endemic among the world Arab population that they always get imaginary symptoms from imaginary causes, yet blame them on Israel and the Jews? It’s like how they blame the “Occupation” in Gaza for their little civil war (it’s not big enough yet). First we’re at fault for being in our own homeland, then we aren’t in our own homeland, so we’re at fault. I wish they could just decide. Of course, now the US is to blame for their trying to kill themselves and smuggle in weapons. You got love ‘em, they’re such a comedy show.

Speaking of which, reading the op-eds can be amusing too. Every day brings a new one with a Left-wing variation of giving up land will somehow bring peace. Somehow this tweak or that tweak will fix what they still can’t comprehend is a fundamentally flawed idea from bottom up.

Moving on, we find out the real reason (or not) as to why the girl Ramon kissed is upset. Apparently she no longer finds him attractive - as if she really didn't flirt with him.

Anyway, lots more stuff happening today, come back later and maybe I’ll write about them.
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