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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Ha’aretz is reporting documented evidence of deliberate Wakf destruction of Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount.

I don’t blame the Arabs for trying to destroy any trace of Jewish history in Israel as it doesn’t diverge from their everyday policy of attempted genocide of the Jewish people.

Nor do I blame the Arabs for their Apartheid policies that prevent Jews from praying on our Temple Mount they are occupying.

It’s in their nature culture.

But I do blame us Jews for accepting this situation and not following their example.

Uzi Landau has an interesting op-ed on the government’s capitulation to terror by the Arab Occupiers.

A fascinating Q&A with Dr. Eilat Mazar, one of the most respected archeologists in Israel (and part of the Mazar family of archeologists) can be found on the JP. Well worth reading if you want to learn more about the politics and archeology on the Temple Mount and surrounding areas.
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