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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
“If someone raises a hand against my house, I will cut it off.”

A rather extreme incendiary comment, if I say so myself. Someone who says such a thing should be investigated for incitement and thrown in jail.

More so, someone who says such a thing about a member of government must also be charged with insulting and threatening a civil servant. The Police must be called in to investigate these remarks.

Unfortunately, no such thing will happen.


Because they weren't said by someone thrown out of Gush Katif, or from one of the small settlements sprouting (and being uprooted) thoughout Judea and Samaria.

No, its because the statement was made by retired judge Michael Cheshin towards Israel Prize-winner Prof. Daniel Friedman who is slated to be the next justice minister.

Cheshin is extremely upset because Friedman made strong comments against the Supreme Court and its president Dorit Beinish. Cheshin feels his invectives are within the rule-of-law, while others, who actually were defending their homes are not.

Double-standard? I’d say so.
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