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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Sometimes it’s a good thing that the Israeli government’s left hand doesn’t know what its right hand is doing.

Haaretz is all upset about government plans to build a Chareidi community to house 11,000 Jews up in Northern Jerusalem.

To be more specific, the plan is to build the community in the middle of a region that is a majority Arab, and houses the now useless Jerusalem airport (which I’ve flown out of in the past) of Atarot.

If the name Atarot sounds familiar to you, it’s because there is a Jewish built industrial area there.

It used to pay salaries to hundreds if not thousands of Arab families living in North Jerusalem – until the Arabs decided it’s more fun to kill Jews there then to work for them. So a lot of the factories have shut down or moved.

The airport is not used anymore because a (some?) airplane(s) may have been shot at a few times (all officially unreported) and the government decided it could no longer properly protect the Arkia flights or any of the other airplanes that took off there from the pistol and rifle fire aimed at them – so their solution was to shut down the Jerusalem airport.

No one in Haaretz apparently asked the Chareidim what they think about the idea, because except for Schneller, everyone else they asked thinks its crazy, incendiary, whatever.

Personally I think the Chareidim will love it. For one thing it is right next door to Kochav Yaakov – the largest Chareidi settlement in the Binyamin region (actually the city attached to Kochav Yaacov is, but I forgot it’s name).

Furthermore, by bringing a Jewish presence back to the North of Jerusalem, and extending a Jewish corridor to Binyamin we are further ensuring our complete hold on Jerusalem, and perhaps taking that part of the city back from the terrorists that have forced businesses to close and the airport to shut down.

Nothing bad about this story – as long as the neighborhood gets built in the end.
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