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Sunday, September 03, 2006
David Copperfield would do incredibly well in Israel.

Only in Israel can an illusion not only be passed off as reality but turned into government policy.
  • Don’t like the Arabs, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Don’t like the Settlers, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Hizbollah has missiles, David Copperfield can make them disappear.
  • Ashkelon gets hit again from Gaza, David Copperfield can make them disappear. (Your choice: Gaza, Missiles, Ashkelon)

Just transpose David Copperfield for your favorite Leftist.

I write this because I had a disturbing conversation with some fellow settlers this Shabbos. They believe that Olmert is so politically weakened there is no chance he will be able to promote any of his leftwing policies.

I am so embarrassed that they allow the wool to be thrown over their eyes.

Do they not understand that the memory span of the average Israeli is less than that of a goldfish?

School is starting, it’s a new year, Lebanon and the hostages are old news.

How do I know?

Count how many missiles fell on the South last week. Take a look at how much progress they are making right now on the imaginary wall that won’t block missiles or tunnels (or even suicide bombers in reality), Hamas, Hizbollah, and Egypt (say it in one breath) are stating that we will release 1000 terrorists for our 3 soldiers. Did not Olmert rip down homes and hand out new destruction orders during the Lebanon 2 war?

Has anything changed?

Look past the smoke and mirrors.

David Copperfield would do incredibly well in Israel, but no surprise there when The Amazing Ehud continues to fool the masses every time.

* No disparagement of David Copperfield is meant at all. He is an incredible illusionist, though not as good as our leftwing politicians.


JoeSettler said...

Yet another illusion:
We now have some Deterrence again.

Of course that is why Hizbollah is rearming and Gaza is freely shooting missiles at us.

Dave said...

And to think, even illusionist David Blaine "appeared" here during the war:


JoeSettler said...

Very interesting, though (surprisingly?) I never heard of him.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: Cease-fire in arabic, means re-arming.

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