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Friday, September 22, 2006
May this be a year where we see only good things for Israel:
Our strength and love of Torah should grow.
We should defeat (all) our enemies.
Our Jewish towns throughout the Land of Israel should increase.
We should return to all our homes in Israel we were expelled from.
We should finally get a Jewish government in the Land of Israel.
We should be forgiven for all our sins.
We should have a year of health, wealth, and happiness.

Shanah Tova



JoeSettler said...

Feel free to add your blessings for the People of Israel...

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

May this be a banner year for aliyah.

May Israelis always band together in times of crisis.

Shana Tovah Joe!

bar_kochba132 said...

Couldn't agree more!
I am also encouraged by the steady increase in aliyah from North America, Britain and France. This has seemed to be an impossible dream for decades but is finally coming to pass, so anything is possible. Israelis are now starting to ask themselves serious questions about the direction the country is taking so that is encouraging, but we must remember that simply having a common enemy (the Arab/Islamic world) is NOT enough to build a real national identity, so those of us who have strong Jewish/Zionist (no, I am not ashamed to still use the second word) identity have a lot of work to convince the rest of the Jewish people of the vital importance of those values.

Shana Tova l'kulam!

Anonymous said...

Amen v'amen!


Anonymous said...

Gmar chatima tova.

Anonymous said...

God bless the People of Israel.
We have no other.


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