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Monday, September 11, 2006
Arutz-7 is reporting that airline security personnel are now considering putting cameras and microphones in airport bathroom stalls because that is where terrorists tend to go to assemble their bombs.

Call me paranoid, but I’m sure Ben-Gurion Airport not only has no qualms about introducing this technology, but they probably introduced it a while ago (certainly in the new terminal). But what do I know.

How do we balance our right to privacy and need for security?

It is an age-old question, but I personally no longer enjoy flying as already the checks have become too invasive and hands-on.

New technologies can make this invasive process even more so.

Perhaps they‘ll merge the technologies. They’ll check you while you wait on line to go to the bathroom.

So next time you fly, do you want to do your striptease for security while in the can, or while waiting on the line to go?

Of course if you really want security, this isn’t far behind.


Anonymous said...

The answer is very simple.

Travel in the Nude.


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