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Monday, September 11, 2006
Effy Eitam gives his solution that would stop the terrorism, demographic threat, and remove one of Israel’s fifth columns.

Quite interesting, Jameel told me today that in 1986 a poll was done in Tel Aviv, and it was found that a full 25% of Tel Aviv residents supported Kahane and his solution. It was after that that his party was banned.

A Secular Jewish Terrorist was convicted of murdering 4 Arabs whom he knew and used to drive for work in an attempt to thwart the disengagement. This secular terrorist took on religious garb and life-style after his terrorist attack – for reasons unknown.

Conservative Judaism is taking another step to becoming totally Reform (or is it not Jewish at all).

Olmert plans to begin propping up Abu Mazen and himself with unconditional talks, despite that it is the PA (unless he is already in Egypt) that is holding our kidnapped soldier hostage.

And the Road Map is back after Peres declared Unilateralism dead, which is fine, because Tzippi Livni is looking forward to a phased-in terrorist state next door – just like Peres.

That’s all for now.


Lion of Zion said...

re. conservatives and gay ordination: who cares? what relevence does this have for the orthodox community?

if anything, this shows them for who they really are and what their attitude toward halakhah really is.

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