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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Why are we in Eilat?

A report shows that Eilat is and has been a prime target for a global Jihad attack. Eilat is not part of Biblical Israel. We are wasting valuable resources defending such a remote settlement. There is even talk now of building a new IDF army base near it, as if we weren’t already wasting all that Navy and Air Force money defending this remote community.

And worse, they don’t even carry their fair share of the tax burden. Those Eilat settlers finagled their way out of paying VAT like the rest of the country, and are getting a free ride on our tax shoulders.

And they are bordering two enemy entities, Egypt and Jordan, where the report says the attacks will emanate from, but all they do is party there.

And should we discuss all the illegal activities that go on down there?

It’s time we unilaterally realigned away from this den of iniquity, illegal activities, and tremendous drag on our military resources.

Eilat first.


Anonymous said...

And the weather stinks as well.

Lurker said...

Yes, I recognize that your post is satire (expect that there will be idiots who won't, btw), but just in case there's anyone reading it who takes your statement seriously that "Eilat is not part of Biblical Israel":

I Melakhim 9:26:
"And the king Shlomo made a navy in Etzion Gever, which is by Eilat, on the shore of the Red Sea, in the land of Edom."

II Melakhim 14:22:
"He [King Azaria] built Eilat, and restored it to Yehuda after the king [Amatzia, Azaria's father] slept with his fathers."

So who are we giving it to? Sweden?

Yoel.Ben-Avraham said...

So who are we giving it to? Sweden?

Actually they might be interested. During the winter there are probably more scandanavians than any other ethnic or national group!

JoeSettler said...

Lurker: But Eilat is part of Edom (or was until Shlomo captured it).

Tsvi said...

See Rav Goren's essay on Eilat in Mishnat Hamedinah where he suggests that Eilat was a port city for Shlomo Hamelech and perhaps one is fulfilling yishuv eretz yisrael by living there

JoeSettler said...

It looks like we may have to consider this post revised (in the comments section).

Anonymous said...

Why-Gaza was part of eretz yisroel from the earliest times .Transfer the Eilatans to King Solomon's mines.

Lurker said...

Hey, Joe: It looks like the Eilat municipality is way ahead of you. They began the disengagement of Eilat from Israel years ago:

"[Eilat] Mayor [Avi] Hochman has found a novel way of attracting tourists: Don't tell them Eilat is part of Israel.
'We try to isolate Eilat from the rest of the country,' he says. 'We sell and promote it without mentioning Israel. We're not ashamed, but it's good for business.'"

Source: "On the Red Sea, Israel's Answer to Key West"

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Just think - by giving away Eilat, we'll be saving money for Israel, because there's no VAT collected in Eilat.

So not only will we save ourselves the security burden of Eilat, but we'll be able to make the rest of the Gush Dan concrete jugnle bloom with all the money we'll be making.

Sounds perfect. All we need are the policemen and IDF soldiers to evict them all...

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