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Monday, September 25, 2006
As Olmert denies meeting/speaking with Saudi officials, and maybe even with their chief dictator, you have to wonder if certain sectors have completely no sechel whatsoever.

We must remember first and foremost that the Saudi’s are still presenting the Saudi Initiative for cutting down Israel in size (if not completely), and they have more than enough money to have resolved any “Palestinian refugee” issue if they actually wished to at any time. Nor should we forget their not so tenuous familial connection to Al-Qaeda.

But now let’s look at what the news is reporting.

Olmert doesn’t deny praising the Saudis for their “responsible” position during the Lebanon war, he only denies meeting with them.

Saudi Arabia took a “responsible” position?

Saudi Arabia has invested billions of dollars in Lebanon’s infrastructure and real estate which they hoped to make big profits from. When Hizbollah attacked and the IDF responded they were watching all their investments go up in smoke. Literally.

They weren’t taking responsible positions vis-à-vis Middle East stability as Olmert & Co. are fooling themselves (yet again) into believing. They were trying to prevent the further and complete loss of their investments in Lebanon.

But let’s consider something even more awful.

Is it possible that Israel didn’t properly strike Beirut and restrained itself against other Lebanese infrastructure targets because the Saudis did speak to Olmert and asked him not to?

Is it possible that Olmert took the concerns of an enemy state which is still putting forward a plan to weaken and potentially destroy Israel ahead of the needs and concerns of the State of Israel?

Like all those on the Left, did Olmert & Co. instinctively lose control and his knees quiver and buckle with anticipation when the words “Peace” and “Recognition” were casually and meaninglessly thrown into the conversation asking him not to hit Lebanon anymore because it is hurting the dictator‘s investments?

Is he preparing for more concessions for peace, and his lack of action in Lebanon just a lead-in for what he has prepared for us?

I believe the answer is yes - and I’m sure you my readers must now think so too.

There is no question that this also needs to be investigated by whatever cover-up committee is “investigating” the PM’s actions during the war.

Unfortunately, we won’t see the truth from them.

In other news, Lebanon is asking for heavy weaponry from Europe, include anti-aircraft batteries, and anti-tank missiles, explicitly to defend against the Israeli enemy. There is no comment I need to add here.


JoeSettler said...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: How could you forget the obvious? This was a clear real-estate deal in the making of Olmert!

He has the strangest knack for managing to buy property dirt cheap, and then a few months later, sells it at overblown way-over-the-market prices.

Ehud was checking out oil fields in Saudi...or perhaps selling them another quality building in Jerusalem.

JoeSettler said...

I completely forgot, but you're right. After all, after rich American Jews, people buying off Israeli politicians, the biggest purchaser of Jerusalem properties are the Saudis through their holding companies.

They've got something in common.

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