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Sunday, June 11, 2006
There seems to be nothing more common in the Middle East than self-inflicted injuries.

The most obvious are Arab suicide bombers - but they are far from alone.

It’s no mere coincidence that the press is likening the ‘anger’ of the Palestinians over the beach explosion deaths to that of their anger of the slaying of Mohammad al-Dura – since after all, they were all murdered by their fellow Palestinians.

As of this writing it hasn’t been confirmed that the Palestinians murdered their own on the beach (presumably in a work related incident) but let’s get real – it’s very likely that it will be.

But the Palestinians aren’t the only ones with self-inflicted wounds.

Today, all our government officials were busy saying they were sorry to the terrorists, accepting the Palestinian accusations, once again, as fact. These people simply never learn.

And even if we did do it, why are we apologizing? We are only shooting back because they are shooting at us first.

We mustn't forget that Ehud Olmert apologized last week to Mubarrak for the IDF killing Egyptian soldiers involved in a terrorist attack against that IDF unit. That IDF unit is not too happy to hear that piece of nonsense. I wonder what it has done to their morale.

And of course, over Shabbat, the frustrated and confused Israeli army kicked out a bunch of kids sleeping on a hill in a tent near Hebron, purposely destroying the kids' property while they were at it. Way to go confused soldiers – a shame they can’t identify the enemy.

And of course we can’t not mention Ehud Olmert’s daughter protesting in front o f Dan Halutz’s house, calling him a murderer. Kossack (for his role in the Gaza deportations) I can understand, but murderer? Feh. Nothing more than two leftists who really deserve each other.

But hey, all of them are just self-inflicted wounds.


JoeSettler said...

I almost forgot - Israeli drivers on the road.

JoeSettler said...

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