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Sunday, June 11, 2006
There seems to be nothing more common in the Middle East than self-inflicted injuries.

The most obvious are Arab suicide bombers - but they are far from alone.

It’s no mere coincidence that the press is likening the ‘anger’ of the Palestinians over the beach explosion deaths to that of their anger of the slaying of Mohammad al-Dura – since after all, they were all murdered by their fellow Palestinians.

As of this writing it hasn’t been confirmed that the Palestinians murdered their own on the beach (presumably in a work related incident) but let’s get real – it’s very likely that it will be.

But the Palestinians aren’t the only ones with self-inflicted wounds.

Today, all our government officials were busy saying they were sorry to the terrorists, accepting the Palestinian accusations, once again, as fact. These people simply never learn.

And even if we did do it, why are we apologizing? We are only shooting back because they are shooting at us first.

We mustn't forget that Ehud Olmert apologized last week to Mubarrak for the IDF killing Egyptian soldiers involved in a terrorist attack against that IDF unit. That IDF unit is not too happy to hear that piece of nonsense. I wonder what it has done to their morale.

And of course, over Shabbat, the frustrated and confused Israeli army kicked out a bunch of kids sleeping on a hill in a tent near Hebron, purposely destroying the kids' property while they were at it. Way to go confused soldiers – a shame they can’t identify the enemy.

And of course we can’t not mention Ehud Olmert’s daughter protesting in front o f Dan Halutz’s house, calling him a murderer. Kossack (for his role in the Gaza deportations) I can understand, but murderer? Feh. Nothing more than two leftists who really deserve each other.

But hey, all of them are just self-inflicted wounds.


JoeSettler said...

I almost forgot - Israeli drivers on the road.

JoeSettler said...

Fern Sidman said...



It has been reported by Yekutiel Guzofsky, the Editor in Chief of the Voice of Judea web site that rumors are circulating concerning his impending arrest. In a statement released early Sunday morning, June 11th, Guzofsky states, "While I am not on the run, and I have no reason to go underground, rumor has it that the Israeli authorities are planning to arrest me and several others next week. I have done nothing wrong. I have violated no law of the land. This would not be the first time that I would be arrested by the Shin Bet or Israeli police without due cause. This would not be the first time I am persecuted for my Torah views and my love of Israel."

This news comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with Mr. Guzofsky. He is an outspoken opponent of the Olmert government's convergence-expulsion plan and has been a long time critic of the Israeli government's attempts to eradicate Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and was active in attempts to prevent the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif last summer.

His statement goes on to tell of the reasons leading to his possible arrest. It states, "Thursday afternoon, Jeffrey Seath and Shmulik Bezalel were arrested at the port in Haifa waiting to release a container of tools shipped to Jeff from the states. Jeff, a 37 year old new immigrant to Tapuach Israel, converted to Judaism, and came home to Israel several months ago. He came to Israel during these critical times to help secure "settlements" with his specially trained tracking dogs. In spite of the news black-out related to his and Shmulik's arrest, the attorneys who have been prevented from seeing their clients claim that more arrests are on the way and that Jeff is being accused of importing a weapon or parts of a weapon. Shmulik had evidently driven Jeff to the port and why exactly they are holding him remains unclear.

As far as I am concerned Jeff is innocent until proven guilty. The fact is that Jeff comes from North Carolina where guns are bought and sold over-the-counter. I have no idea if Jeff made the stupid error of bringing one of his licensed weapons from the states to Israel on his lift. It is clear that the police plan on rounding up more people, very likely including myself the former leader of the outlawed Jewish Legion."

It is clear from Mr. Guzofsky's statement, that charges against these two men have not yet been made and we are not certain if they have engaged in any form of weapons smuggling. It is also clear that if Guzofsky is arrested it will be an egregious violation of his civil rights. In a true democracy one cannot be charged with "guilt by association". It is also quite clear that the police witch hunt as been accelerated against opponents of the Olmert government.

Anyone who dare speaks out against expulsion of Jews from their homes and the subsequent demolition of Jewish settlements can be a target for persecution in what has become a totalitarian regime in Israel. As we know, the State of Israel does not have a constitution which protects the rights of free speech and of due process in cases of arrest. It is quite probable that Guzofsky could be remanded and held under administrative detention for a protracted period of time. This move would prevent him from having contact with any legal representation that he may have. The Shin Bet would have ample time to interrogate and torture him into a false confession that could potentially lead to an indictment and a very long prison term.

Anyone who is familiar with the basic tenets of a democratic government knows that these draconian measures do not fall within the parameters of a "democracy". Mr. Guzofsky has spent many years protecting the Jewish residents of Yesha while involved in The Jewish Legion. He was the first to import canine dogs in to Israel for the express purpose of bomb sniffing. These dogs have been prepared for their task by qualified and experienced dog trainers. While on patrol of Jewish settlements, these dogs and their handlers have prevented numerous attacks aimed at Jewish settlements. In response to the efforts made by The Jewish Legion in attempting to protect and preserve Jewish lives, the Israeli government has sought and was successful in outlawing The Jewish Legion. Many Jewish Legion members live on the settlement of Tapuach in the northern Shomron. It is the same settlement that Binyamin Kahane, HY'D, ZTK'L and many Kahane supporters lived.

It is now clear what the motivation behind the impending arrest of Mr. Guzofsky is. It is clearly a government plot to destroy the last vestiges of Jewish resistance to further expulsion of Jews in Judea and Samaria. How easy it would be to arrest a "Kahanist" and call him a "terrorist". How simple it would be to gain public support for such an arrest. After all, the fascist media in Israel, with the help of the government of Israel has successfully indoctrinated the Israeli public to believe that anyone associated with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY'D, ZTK'L is a potential terrorist.

After all, who would go to bat and speak out on behalf of Mr. Guzofsky and others in the Kahane movement? Surely, it wouldn't be the Israeli Association for Civil Rights or any other public advocacy group. They are clearly associated with defending the rights of Arabs and Jewish leftists who are arrested in Israel. Tragically, we cannot depend on the support of the organized, mainstream Yesha community, who are dependent on the IDF for protection and have defended their actions when it came to forcibly evicting Jewish settlers from their homes.

Mr. Guzofsky unequivocally proclaims his innocence of any involvement in any weapons smuggling charges, as he states in his release. "I am not hiding and I am not running away. I did nothing wrong and I will not behave like a fugitive on the run. Furthermore, while I am not condoning weapon smuggling into Israel, I find it hard to condemn anyone for taking basic
measures to defend himself, his community or his family, especially when the government refuses to offer all of the necessary defense to its citizens for political reasons in order to appease the Arabs and international community. That having been said, I must again stress that I have no idea if Jeff brought anything in his lift that would be considered illegal in Israel."

We must not allow the Israeli government to falsely arrest and possibly indict Mr. Guzofsky on any bogus charges of weapons smuggling or engaging in any criminal act. Now is the time to galvanize our community and speak out against this outrageous violation of basic civil rights. It is time to provide total support and succor to Mr. Guzofsky and others who are potential targets in this witch hunt.

Mr. Guzofsky appeals to the public for their support in his release, when he states, "For those of you who have supported me and the various projects I direct on behalf of Israel and Jewish defense, please continue to support these projects. Don't allow the authorities to silence me or destroy the vital programs I have started. The raising of defense dogs for Israel will continue, regardless of any arrest that may be carried out against me. The vital referendum to save Israel will continue. The Voice of Judea will continue, with G-d's help and with your generous support.

Now more than ever I appeal to you for desperately needed funds for Jeffrey and Shmulik's defense as well as for the defense of others such as myself who may be arrested in spite of the fact that we did nothing wrong whatsoever. Please help our defense and help us spread the Jewish message of truth and survival in Israel by sending a generous contribution to:
Yekutiel Guzofsky POB 6592 Jerusalem Israel."

Let us remember Mr. Guzofsky's final words of his reIease which states, "I am not scared of the Israeli police. Their hysteria and persecution of people like me, show how desperate they are and how much they indeed realize that we enjoy the support of the grassroots and masses. It is only a question of time and they know that. The police and their prisons do not scare me, nor do the Arabs. I am much more scared and frightened of Jewish apathy.

Dont stand by idly. Please help now."

The time has come to muster up enough strength to have the courage of our convictions. Now is the time to support those who are being unfairly targeted for their beliefs. Now is the time to prevent Israel from transforming in to a complete police state, with no regard for democratic principles. For if we do not speak out when we had the ability, who will be there for us, when we choose to speak out and our views are not popular.

The Torah enjoins us to preserve and defend justice and righteousness. "Tzedek, tzedek tirdof". Justice, justice shalt thou pursue.

May the Almighty G-d of Israel give us the strength and courage to speak out and defend justice and may He protect those who are falsely charged and imprisoned.

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