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Thursday, June 29, 2006
...and Thursday's just begun
(and I'm happy to see not so many hits on Shabbat).

But how do I get you people to start commenting?

Special thanks to Jameel for helping popularize my site with his readers.

Update: Thursday didn't turn out so bad at all.


stillruleall said...

The Shabbat hits are probably from motzei shabbat...your blog is very interesting if not a bit conspiracy theorist...keep up the good work! Perhaps people would comment more if they didn't have to do that stupid word verification thing!

JoeSettler said...

Except for the very occasional and clearly identified conspiracy post, there is very little of that here.

Unfortunately I need the word verification on. 2 weeks ago it wasn’t on and my blog was spammed with over 160 spams in one day alone.

Anonymous said...

Well, "that stupid word verification thing" has never stopped me from commenting. Most often it's simply a case of Joe Settler having put the matter so well himself that for me to try to add anything would be simply superfluous.


JoeSettler said...

Thanks, but I like superfluous.

Anonymous said...

I succombed....and commented...

JoeSettler said...

Not even a nickname?

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