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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Itamar Ben-Gvir wins yet round against police harassment.

Itamar, a Hebron resident, is a favorite target for police harassment.

So every time he is charged with something or generally harassed he takes the police or the government to court – and guess what, in the end he usually wins.

Recently policeman threatened his dog Chompy, and then later at midnight arrested Ben-Gvir and brought him in for an “interrogation”. The court determined that it was obvious that Ben-Gvir was brought in under false arrest.

Read about the Chompy’s court victory here.


Oleh Yahshan said...

Although I think ben Gavir is a real nut-case, That is usually not a crime (in most places).
I read an article in the Jerusalem section of Maariv about a month ago about this whole Ben-Gavir Vs. Israel Police (or the other way around actually) and some of the things written were just a little scary.
The main one (besides the fact that He has one Many Many casses against the Police and has cost us many Tax payers monies - all the fault of the Police of course) is that one of the times he was charged for being part of "a Zionist Org."

It is time to take apart this Great police of ours... Let Lieberman take over he will clean out all the dirt in this... "Mishteret Yisrael"

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