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Sunday, June 25, 2006
What an interesting weekend this is turning out to be.

Four Five Six (and counting) IDF soldiers were hurt as their position and tank were hit by an anti-tank missile by (Palestinian) terrorists (who apparently entered under the fence into the nearby army (illegal?) outpost and possibly in an additional attack (no details yet).

So far at least one soldier may be killed and his body stolen into Gaza.

(Update 9:32AM: IDF is reporting that the Palestinian attempt to kidnap a soldier failed and no soldier was killed)

(Update 12:15 PM: 2 IDF soldiers dead and the Palestinian did kidnap a third soldier's body - which is the only reason troops were sent in at all.)

Israeli residents in the South were warned to stay in their homes due to the infiltrators.

On Friday a remote control bomb went off near Neve Daniel in Judea.

A number of Kassams were launched against S’derot as usual, while the neighboring mayor of Beit Hanoun in Gaza (where the missiles are often launched from) stated that the missiles aren’t being launched to kill anyone, just to fight the occupation.

Apparently Meretz agrees with the Gazan mayor’s assessment because today they are protesting in front of an IAF airforce base demanding that the IAF/IDF stop retaliating for attacks on Israel.

A truly unnecessary protest, as Prime Minister Olmert, after spending the week apologizing for even thinking of hitting back (or not hitting back, but getting blamed anyway), has already ordered a cessation to the air retaliation.

Meanwhile Defense Minister Peretz is also far too busy to fight the Palestinians as he is putting together his master plan to give over more parts of Eretz Yisrael to the Palestinian enemy so they can attack even more.

He has ordered the restraining (and probably administrative detention - arrest without charges, evidence, or warrant) of 13 Israeli citizens who he feels will disrupt his ability to destroy Jewish homes.

And finally the terrorist groups of Hamas and Fatah have agreed to the Prisoner’s document which calls for a unified strategy for destroying Israel (yipee, at least someone is getting along). Hamas took credit for this morning's attack.

And it's only Sunday in Chelm Israel.


Lady-Light said...

Chelm is right. Seems the Jews got out of the ghetto but the ghetto is still in the Jews. The cowardice & lack of moral character of Israel's so-called leaders is embarrasing, let alone dangerous. Ad matai??

Anonymous said...

Tell me this is just a bad dream?


Can someone explain how a country at war has a Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and of course Defense Minister with NO military experience?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe: My understanding is that the remote control bomb near Neve Daniel did detonate and ANOTHER bomb was found nearby did not.

Anonymous said...

putting aside the citizens of sderot for a second. imagine yourself as an israeli soldier, a pawn to a government that puts you in harms way as a passive target for arab terror. would you want to be serving on the gaza border knowing that you could be stopping the terrorists, but instead you can only act (in a very limited manner) only after either you or your comrades get murdered?

Mad Zionist said...

I posted on this, too, Joe. One thing to add to your report: the Islamic Republic of Gaza now has biological and chemical WMD. Thank God we have PM Dana Olmert to keep Israel safe.

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