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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
When I first discussed the attempted kidnapping of hitchhikers in Pick out the Ghetto Jew, a number of people responded saying that Settlers shouldn’t hitchhike where it is dangerous, and the girls were at fault and they shouldn’t have been there, and so on.

Nadia Matar made an interesting point today. She said,

"As the security forces did not prevent Israeli citizens from traveling on Egged buses in cities targeted by suicide bombers, the army should not surrender to terror and disrupt the life of Yesha Jews and lock them up in ghettos."
Nadia's right.

I think if you want to be consistent in your advice then you should also criticize those that continued to take bus number 18, or those who walked on Ben-Yehuda. You should have criticized the security forces for not demanding that people stop taking public transportation.

Instead people (on and off line) differentiated between the basic right of security of the citizens based on his home address. People wrote that we are also at fault for engaging in “dangerous behavior”, as opposed to the terrorists solely being at fault for creating the dangerous situation and the government for letting it persist.

There are at least 2 confirmed people that have been kidnapped this week (there may have been a third that hasn’t being publicly announced yet).

At what point do we stop blaming and differentiating between victims and lay the onus and solely on the evil Palestinian perpetrators?


Oleh Yahshan said...

this is not an issue of blaming the victim. This is an issue of, commen sense.
I guess you didn't spend a lot of time in Ben Yehuda in 2002-2003 but I can tell you that it wasn't exactly the same full and happy place it is today.. I used to go there Thursday nights with my army buddies and to say it was sad to see the place is an understatement. People decided that it would be better off if they don't go to that place at that time, same as the people on the busses. No one had to tell them - they used commen sense.

At the moment, the Palestinians have started a new tactic- Kidnapping. does this mean you shouldn't hitch hike?? of course not. It just mean you should be CAREFUL when you do it. Those who say you shouldn't hitch-hike are idiots. But at the same time those who say that it's the Armies Job to protect me and therefor I can continue doing whatever I want... is not just an idiot but also suicidle.

JoeSettler said...

I was busy fighting terrorists during those years (in uniform), but I never stopped going to Ben-Yehuda at any point.

But twice in the mid-90s I was supposed to be on Ben-Yehuda at the exact time and location where a suicide bomber went off, but I was late each time. And I still continued to go to Ben-Yehuda because not going meant they won.

And I was a block away from 2 bombs in Machane Yehuda. (But I can't stand it there, so I don't go there anyway).

And I was on top of the bridge at French Hill when a bomb when off underneath it.

The point is that while people have the personal choice to go to Ben-Yehuda or not, or drive through French Hill or not, or live in Gilo or not, I never recall the government saying don't go on buses and don't go to Ben-Yehuda - and that is the point.

JoeSettler said...,7340,L-3268428,00.html

Oleh Yahshan said...

I was also busy fighting in uniform in those years, and the once in a while that I went out I would go to Jerusalem with my friends (nachal Charedi used to be mostly from Jer.)

second, I agree with you that the country shouldn't say things like that.. There are a lot of things politicians Say (Shmassams ETC.) that we shouldn't take to seriously...
Third, I just heard Rav Avi Ronski (Itamar) talking about the percations they are taking, such as hithching from Inside Yeshuvim or only in places that there are Soldiers (I.E. road blocks ETC.)

Anyways.. I am off to Miluim for a few Hours (long story - maybe will post something on my Blog later)...

JoeSettler said...

Enjoy milluim. I got a few days next month.

When politicians say "shmassams" it is incredibly serious, because it shows how little they actually care for the people they are supposed to be serving.

Mad Zionist said...

"Moral equivalence" is a leftist disease that strikes at all reason. The victim is really the terrorist and the terrorist is really the victim, yada, yada, yada...

The point: anyone with a lick of common sense can see that the moslem scum are the evil ones.

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