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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Listening to the radio yesterday I heard a well-known (Israeli - duh) journalist say “Historically, only negotiations and not the use of force ended wars“. I guess he never heard of World War II (to mention the most obvious).

I always wonder when I hear that statement, if the author was constantly beat up in school and his lunch money taken away.

But actually, that is symptomatic of what Daniel Pipes describes as the typical Israeli attitude towards war: management & containment, not victory. Pipes feels that Israeli’s don’t understand the concept of total victory and therefore they always stop before it is achieved or worse, never try to achieve it in the first place.

I think the real problem is that Israelis don’t have a goal or vision, so they find themselves floundering when they reach the point where a real decision needs to be made and a (political and military) direction chosen.

Yesterday Haim Ramon made an amazing statement. He declared that "there is no one to negotiate with on the other side". Wow. More than a decade after Oslo Ramon has finally woken up to reality and repeated what the Right has said all along.

While certain sectors keep talking about the “Right” giving up their dream and moving Left (no right-winger I know has done that), are we are perhaps now beginning to see the Left waking up and moving right?

No, of course not.

Because Ramon still doesn’t have what it takes the reach the proper resolution to the problem.

As a Leftist he now believes in running away, hunkering down, and hiding behind a wall - basically giving up.

Again, the concept of victory eludes him, and of course, more creative solutions than simply giving the enemy more access to weapons, more freedom to terrorize, deporting your own population and generally destroying Israeli deterrence are still completely beyond his grasp.

It took Ramon 12 years to admit he and the Left were wrong. Now let’s see how long it will take him to reach the Right conclusions.


rockofgalilee said...

The first leftist, pro gaza expulsion person has apologized for being so naive as to believe that everything would be hunky dory after the Jews were thrown out of their homes. She assumed that when the government said that if one rocket fell on Israeli soil that we would destroy the enemies. She quoted security sources about what a great idea it was and ignored all the people who were fired for expressing concerns.
You have one convert.

Somehow I don't see the flood of apologies pouring in after this one.

chardal said...

“Historically, only negotiations and not the use of force ended wars“.

What in the world has he talking about??? When did this ever happen??? (maybe vietnam, but that was pretty much the US saying "give them what they want and lets get out of here" - on other words, defeat).

Anonymous said...

Apropos of the left turning right: Rashi comments about the verse in Shirat HaYam, "Your right hand, HaShem, is majestic in might; Your right hand, HaShem, crushes the enemy" [Shemot 15:6]-- (if you're gonna get anthropomorphic anyway, why not speak of a left hand and a right hand)? Why does it say "Your right hand twice? -- When Israel performs the will of G^d, the left becomes right.


Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking.
He only said that to explain the next retreat.
The left are suffering from PSYCHOTIC DENIAL.
it is incurable.

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