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Friday, June 09, 2006
We’re going to be hearing a lot in the upcoming weeks about the Palestinian ‘Prisoner’s Document’. The (left-wing) press is going to be discussing it as if it were some Peace Process Breakthrough, and the ignorant Israeli is going to think, gee, maybe there is a partner.

Well, I guess the best way to dispose of that idea, at least for my very limited audience, is to provide you with a few quotes from the breakthrough peace document the Left will be going on and on about.

1- the Palestinian people in the homeland and in the Diaspora seek to liberate their land and to achieve their right in freedom, return and independence and to exercise their right in self determination, including the right to establish their independent state with al-Quds al-Shareef as its capital on all territories occupied in 1967 and to secure the right of return for the refugees and to liberate all prisoners and detainees based on the historical right of our people in the land of the fathers and grandfathers and based on the UN Charter and the international law and international legitimacy.
Translation: Implement Arafat’s phased plan of creating a State on whatever land is liberated, and flood Israel with refugees on the rest until it is demographically wiped out.

3 -the right of the Palestinian people in resistance and clinging to the option of resistance with the various means and focusing the resistance in the occupied territories of 1967 alongside with the political action and negotiations and diplomatic action and continuation of popular and mass resistance against the occupation in its various forms and policies and making sure there is broad participation by all sectors and masses in the popular resistance.

Translation: Violent Intifada will continue - and we want to get more even Arabs involved in the physical violence.

9- The need to double efforts to support and care for the refugees and defend their rights and work on holding a popular conference representing the
refugees which should come up with commissions to follow up its duties and to stress on the right of return and to cling to this right and to call on the international community to implement Resolution 194 which stipulates the right of the refugees to return and to be compensated.
Translation: Keep fighting to flood Israel with Palestinians.

15- The national interest stipulates the need to look for the best means towards the continuation of participation of the Palestinian people and their political forces in Gaza Strip in their new situation in the battle for freedom, return and independence and to liberate the West Bank and Jerusalem in a manner that makes the steadfast Gaza Strip a real support force to steadfastness and resistance of our people in the West Bank and Jerusalem as the national interest stipulates reassessing the struggle methods to seek the best methods to resist occupation.

Translation: Get the Arabs in Gaza to better help support, supply, and train Arabs in the West Bank, as well as find a more effective way for them to utilize their weapons against Israel.

16- the need to reform the develop the Palestinian security institution with all its branches on a modern basis and in a manner that makes them capable of assuming their tasks in defending the homeland and the citizens and in confronting the aggression and the occupation
Translation: We need a stronger, better armed, and better trained army to fight Israel better.

I hope this makes things clearer (even without the ‘translation’), so now when you hear the press talking about the breakthrough, understand that the document is merely an internal Palestinian document trying to enforce agreement for one particular plan for destroying Israel not for making peace.


tafka PP said...

Well what exactly did you think it was going to say?- Lets dance the Hora and sing HaTikvah, and all those who don't want to live without rights should go to Jordan?

JoeSettler said...

Well, you don't seem to understand that while the Israeli press has started to try to pass it off as potential peace document with Israel, it is actually a document that calls for a united strategy for destroy Israel.

Specifically it calls for a united front in accepting Arafat's phased plan to destroy Israel.

It also call for increased violence and deadlier attacks on Israelis.

Basically your moderate friend Prime Minister Abbas, the Left's Peace Partner, is calling for a national referendum on how best to unify and destroy Israel and saying that his way is the best way.

tafka PP said...


1. I read the press too.

2. Abbas is neither my "Friend" nor "the left's peace partner"

3. What would you suggest instead?

JoeSettler said...

tafka pp: I just did a quick google of abbas and peace partner and came up with the following random links:

Beilin: Abbas genuine peace partner

Olmert says he'll meet with Abbas on peace plan

I'd say the Left definitely consider him a "peace partner"

Of course the Loony Left takes it even farther:

Gush Shalom meets with two Hamas leaders

Gush Shalom breaking the ice towards Hamas

I guess when the Left share the same stated goals of the enemy it's easy to call them a peace partner.

As for my suggestions - they've been clearly stated on this blog numerous times.

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