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Sunday, June 11, 2006
You can read the RCA's statement on the compromise here.

The most important paragraphs are:

So as to facilitate proper recognition of individual status in Israel by the Chief Rabbinate, it was agreed that the Joint Commission will, inter alia, prepare lists of approved Batei Din and rabbis in North America dealing with personal status matters. From time to time, however, the composition of the lists will be appropriately reviewed, in light of new realities and circumstances. In the future, any rabbi who wants to be involved in personal status matters that he wishes to have recognized in Israel, will need to comply with the standards thus agreed to by the Chief Rabbinate and the Rabbinical Council of America.

It was also agreed that all conversions, authorized from the Rabbinical Council of America in the past, and as such, previously accepted by the Chief Rabbinate, will continue to be recognized by the Chief Rabbinate.

I'd really like to imagine that JoeSettler played at least some minor role in helping illuminate some of the missing 'hasbara' facets which were generating a lot of the underlying tension on the other side. I’m glad that the Chief Rabbi's major policies and goals are still in place (but disappointed that the US Rabbis don’t have to go to Israel to get approved - I think it would have helped them "maintain and foster their passion for Israel” ).


Anonymous said...

Well, the Rabbinate climbed up a high tree, and I'm glad reality and unity brought them down to earth.

Its one thing to try and improve the process. Kol Hakovad for that-but don't spit at the respected RCA.

I hope the Rabbinate in the future doesn't use the media to promote themselves. All this could have happened in closed doors.


JoeSettler said...

When exactly did they climb down?
The Rabbinate got almost everything it wanted.
The critical and central (if not only) issue was acceptance of a certification process for overseas Rabbis so that their divorces and conversions could automatically be recognized in Misrad Hapnim and the Rabbanut as if they were local Rabbis, without all the extra hassle currently required in investigations. That was achieved.
Admittedly, instead of a test in Jerusalem, the RCA and the Rabbanut will set up a joint committee to decide who meets the Rabbanut's qualification. The only downside is that the Rabbis won't be going to Jerusalem, other than that, it is exactly from Rav Amar wanted - a way of guaranteeing standards, credentials, and identification of those being certified and creation of a list that will be automatically recognized by the Rabbanut and Misrad Hapnim.

Now, I don’t know what you mean about spitting on the RCA. There is no doubt that there were misunderstandings on each side - more do to cultural barriers and not understanding the local issues involved (bureaucracy vs. kavod).
But once the RCA leadership traveled to Israel to meet the Chief Rabbi those misunderstandings were cleared up and a working protocol was developed.

As for running to the Press, it wasn’t Rabbanut rabbis that ran to the press screaming 'Gevalt', publicly (purposely?) misinterpreting what Rav Amar said, calling the Chief Rabbi a Jewish Pope (shouldn't they have at least said Cohen Gadol?), and other rude comments.

I agree, it could have been worked out behind closed doors.

But why do you always try to twist things?

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